What To Do For Your Man This Valentine’s Day –

Valentine’s day can be super hard to figure out what to do, for just about anyone. You name it: boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, partner, or any other combination, can be stumped about this day. While it seems like a lace material and chocolate heart situation, making the day special goes beyond getting the right type of chocolate.

For those of you deciding what to do for your man this Valentine’s day, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you get out of your rut of buying men’s work socks for your special someone, and into some special ideas that are sure to stand out.

P.S. we were only joking about buying socks as presents; socks are always a good idea!

Something unique  

Getting something that no one else has and perfectly speaks to you is a pretty amazing gift, right? Get your man something unique by custom creating his perfect gift. Think along the lines of a custom t-shirt that has a quote from his favourite TV show or movie on it, or perhaps an inside joke between the two of you.

Remember how we said we were joking about socks? We really were! Socks are a super fun gift that can be as unique as your partner is. Get him work socks that have a fun print or silly logo from something he enjoys, and that will help him stand out from everyone else. Here’s some fun sock ideas to consider. If you’re feeling especially DIY-y, try your hand at making a pillowcase or duvet – just grab some linen material or other comfy material and start sewing. Well okay, it’s not quite that easy, but here are some basics to get you started.

Something memorable

It’s hard to get more romantic than to give amazing memories to your partner. There’s a few ways to give lasting memories, and we’ll go through a few of our favourites.

Surprise day:  Plan a whole day for your partner, either on the weekend or on Valentine’s day itself. Have a breakfast plan by either purchasing the ingredients for his favourite breakfast meal, or with reservations for brunch. Pack a picnic the night before and have a place in mind to enjoy some afternoon snacks and bubbles. Have a massage date booked in for the afternoon, and perhaps entertainment for the evening like a play or a movie, depending on his interests.

Weekend trip: Extend the day by making a weekend of it. Your partner will sure to be thankful to have everything planned and ready to go, so that all he needs to do is pack his bag and get into the car! This is especially fun if your partner has no idea where you’ll be going. If you really want to keep the destination a secret, consider telling him to pack something opposite of the climate you’re going to. For example, add a jumper to his packing list if you’re actually going scuba diving.

Make a meal: This one can go for either gender or anyone in between. Making a meal simply shows that you care about someone, and are willing to put in the prep and time to create a lovely meal for the other. Try and buy the ingredients ahead of time so that you aren’t stressing on the day, and can grab any last minute things you’ve forgotten. Here’s an excellent list of some romantic meals you could try out. We highly recommend attempting the recipe a week or so prior if possible, so you know you can pull it off seamlessly, especially for a more complicated one!

Something personal

Valentine’s Day is all about love and romance, so making a gift personal to your honey is always a great idea. Consider personalising something he’s wanted for a while; think along the lines of a personalised guitar pick, a nice ballpoint pen, multi tool or whiskey glass. There’s a million different things you could choose to personalise that fits you and your man in a perfect way.

Something homemade

If you’re a DIY-er, here is your chance to get extra creative and crafty. A couple of options that we love are things like creating your own board game that starts with the beginning of your relationship, and ends with the present time. Whoever wins the game, by answering questions about the other person, perhaps, wins a 10 minute massage from the other.

Other fairly simple options are to create a date jar, where you list a bunch of things you’d like to do together on pieces of paper, stick them in a jar, and pull one out at random anytime you need a date idea. You could also write short letters and put them in envelopes that say, “open me when”. The letters can correspond to different moments, like if he’s feeling lonely, or happy, or needs a word of affirmation. If you’re into making things, try making a soap or hair and beard product that he would love. Here’s a great beard oil recipe to try, or here is a perfect soap recipe.   

DIY might mean quite a bit of time commitment on your part, but will mean you create a gift that is sure to impress your significant other, and leave a lasting memory. The options are infinite if you put your mind to it.

When it comes down to it, nearly anything you do for your man this Valentine’s Day will surely be a hit if you put in a little effort, and a lot of love into it. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating your love and affection for each other, so just keep that in mind when choosing a gift or memory for your lover, and you’ll be sure to have a perfect Valentine’s celebration.

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