Top Tips For Buying Jewellery This Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it, February is all about Valentine’s Day. It’s the single most important day of the month, and  it’s a global phenomenon! Lovebirds all across the globe make plans to celebrate the day with their special someone. It’s not just about romantic love; you can celebrate friendships, familial bonds or even love for yourself! One of the traditions of the day is to exchange gifts to celebrate your love and foster a stronger bond.

Now if you are anti-Valentine’s, these posts probably won’t do much for you. But if you are the one to make grand gestures, then stick with us. We’re going to share the lowdown on the grandest gesture of them all: gifting a piece of jewellery to your significant other.  Designer bags, watches for men, and home-cooked meals are all good, but you’ll need some friendly advice while navigating your way through the ropes of jewellery buying. It’s often an expensive affair, so you’ll need to be aware of what you’re spending your money on.

Let’s get started.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they can also become your worst enemy if you get a con deal. Since it is an expensive buy, make sure you get the authenticity of your purchase checked. Most jewellers will have the Diamond Grading Certificate issued by gem labs. The lab grades the diamond on several parameters such as clarity, cut etc. and certify that the stone is not fake. This certificate can come in handy if you want to sell your purchase in the future. Know more about ‘The Authenticity Certificate’ through the linked article.


You can almost guarantee you are getting the real deal when you make a purchase at Tiffany. It is a company that has been around for decades and has a strong reputation. When it comes to buying precious stones and metals it is always best to go with a reputed company. These companies have client testimonials to back their pieces. Most of these companies also provide add-ons such as free repairs, cleaning etc. for some of the purchases. Here’s a list of questions you should ask when buying your jewellery.


Diamonds, like cars, are depreciating assets; they lose value the minute they are purchased. It is better to invest in gold or silver, since they can be stored as coins, sold at any time or even traded for later, the market for them is liquid and fungible.  Their value can even go up! That isn’t the case with diamonds as the market for them is almost illiquid.


While gold, silver, platinum will always stay in trend, sometimes it is good to thread a different path. Rose gold, sterling silver jewellery, palladium or even copper can be fun, and a fresh break from the conventional gold, silver, platinum jewellery.


Is there a quote that your loved one likes? Or a private joke you share? A souvenir from the place you travelled or an intimate memory? You can harness these for inspiration and create a piece that is one of a kind, and personalised. There are plenty of big retail brands that provide this service. You can either go to them with a sketch or even just an idea, and they will flesh it out for you. Your loved one will appreciate the efforts, the creativity and the thought behind the gift.


Birthstones are never out of style and in this hipster era, it is more chic than ever. All you need to know is the birth date of the person, do some research online and you will know the birthstone. You can then go to commercial stores or more indie handcrafted jewellery stores and purchase a design that you like!


If your loved one is into fashion and follows the trends, then getting them pieces are on trend can make them really happy. For instance, big architectural pieces are in this season. You can start by knowing the trends, then searching for designer labels who make them, and then looking for deals. This will streamline the process and not make it overwhelming. Also sometimes you come across newly launched labels where you can get amazing deals! This is definitely a win-win situation.


If you are going for the real deal, that is pieces made from precious stones and metals, you can run some tests to mark the quality of the product. For instance, to check the craftsmanship, rub the jewellery over your skin or your stocking, and if there are no scratches or tears, it means it is a good piece. To see if the piece is an imitation piece, which simply means it’s just paint over a cheap metal, scratch the piece with your nails; if the paint peels off, you have your proof. To test the strength, try to lift the prongs holding the stone together, if the stone moves or the prong can be lifted, it just means the stone will come off sooner or later. The linked article talks about some other simple tests you can run to check the quality of your jewellery purchase.


Always buy a piece that has money back policy or a warranty. Warranty will come in handy to repair any future wear and tears. A money back policy is always good to have in case you change your mind, or the size does not fit. Even store credit would be helpful in those situations. It can also help reverse the damage of impulse or hasty purchases which are not uncommon during this process.

These are some of the things to keep in mind while buying jewellery this Valentine’s Day. Remember you can always DIY something to make it more special! There are plenty of shops that sell raw materials to make your own jewellery. Also, don’t wait for the very last minute to buy a gift; all the deals are done and good pieces are gone, so plan in advance!

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