Top Christmas Ideas For Mums And Bubs

Christmas time for a new mum is both the most wonderful time of the year, and the most selfless one as well. Life sort of stops when a baby is born, and all the attention is on the little one. From friends and family visiting to see the welcome arrival, to the endless money being spent on nappies, clothing and toys, sometimes mums (and parents in general), lose out a bit when it comes to Christmas.

But mums deserve to be celebrated and looked after just as much as their newborn. They did just spend quite a bit of time growing a tiny human after all! When it comes to mums and bubs, here are some of the top Christmas gift ideas to help you with your shopping list.

Baby clothes

Okay we know we just got done saying that babies get all the attention, but this is one of the exceptions. We’ve put baby clothes on the list because certain NZ baby fashion is absolutely delightful, to almost anyone who sees it. Plus, babies are always growing and getting whatever clothes they have dirty, so new clothes are almost always needed.   

Look out for cute baby clothes that say things like, mummy is my favourite, or “I just did nine months on the inside”, or even, “expert napper”. Take a look at additional ideas, here. Try and choose ones that pertain to things that the parents like as well, like incorporating their love of things like Star Wars or Mario Brothers by buying them a themed onesie.

Personalised gifts

Personalised items always mean a lot to anyone, but especially to new parents. Consider getting a personalised blanket, hat, clothes or towels, or anything that you can monogram a name onto or that means something special. You can even get creative and put photos on items, like wall hangings, or even on NZ ladies watches.

Other things, like a new rocking chair, or a treasure box, or even a rocking horse for later in bub’s life, are really lovely items that mums may want to keep for decades to come. You can also find really beautiful pieces that are handmade and look incredible in the baby room or anywhere in the house, even after the baby starts to grow up.

Offer services

One of the best things you can give a mum is your undivided time. For Christmas, consider cooking up casseroles, soups and stews, and other things that are easy to freeze for a simple weeknight meal for the family. If you aren’t one to cook, you could even pay for a food delivery subscription that drops off ready to cook meals.

Another idea is to pay for a cleaning service to come in weekly, or even monthly, to help the new parents out. This can take a lot of the pressures of keeping a clean home off of parents, and is also a super easy gift for you to give with no real commitment on your end. You could also offer your own time to clean, but we realise that’s not up everyone’s alley!


It’s really easy as a gift giver to get wrapped up in the cute onesie and adorable toys, but it’s always a helpful gift to give more practically. For example, bathtime accessories and supplies are always welcomed by new parents. Even just a set of baby washing gear, including the towels and soaps, is a great gift. ‘

Another practical idea is purchasing baby first aid. From bandages that fit tiny fingers and toes, to a baby thermometer, try filling up a basket or tote with all the things to help the little one in case of a scrape or cut. You could even consider sending the parents to baby first aid, or another new parents class.

Splurge on mum

We’ve pretty much focused on the bub in this relationship, so don’t forget to splurge on mum too. One excellent idea that serves a practical purpose as well, is to purchase nursing clothes for the new mum. You could also just provide gift certificates or vouchers to their favourite clothing store as well, and offer a babysitting afternoon for them to head out on a shopping excursion. A professional photo shoot can also be an incredible gift, especially for a new mum who hasn’t had time to schedule one.

Other ideas might include a book subscription, or even a subscription to an audio or electronic book to make it easier to read. Mums need time to themselves, so providing an excuse, like a new and exciting book, can be a nice idea for a gift.

Try and think of more things that the new mum can do on her own, and get out of the house and enjoy precious me time. Even simple things like a spa gift card can make sure she’s getting out and getting the relaxation she needs. A magazine subscription can let her zone out in trashy gossip and reality show drama.

Plan a girl’s night that fits whatever the new mum loves to do, whether it’s going to a nice dinner and watching a movie at home, gossiping with a few glasses of champagne, or an all out night on the town. New mums might love their quality time at home with bub, but they also need to feel like they haven’t lost their old life.  

If you’ve paid attention, you have probably seen that the main theme here is making life as easy as possible for the new mum. Having a new baby is one of the greatests blessings in life, but it is also stressful and incredibly exhausting. You have the opportunity to ease this exhaustion, so do what you can, and she will be eternally grateful.

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