Top 8 Ways For Men To Rock Their Closet This Winter

The world of fashion is ever changing, with a few constants that make a comeback time and again. It doesn’t matter whether you are a ‘I-stick-to-classics’ or ‘I-love-to-experiment’ kind of guy. There’s plenty to play with for everyone. Designer men’s clothing and the runway have been long coveted as the go-to for the ‘IT’ trends for ages now, but the millennium decade has seen high-street and streetwear rise to the same stature. What does this mean for the average buyer? There are even more trends to sort through and that can be a little overwhelming. So, this winter we’ve decided to screen the runway as well as the streets and narrow it down the top 8 trends to get with this winter. Let’s dive into it head on.


This trend has less to do with practical implications and more to do with exaggerated style. This season massive scarves were seen both on the runway and on the streets.  Lenny Kravitz was mocked for his unconventional choice for the day – A massive scarf. The Internet came down on him with memes and trolling of every kind. Funnily enough, come 2019, massive scarves are in! Massive scarves have come a full circle from being the fashion pariah to fashion’s ‘IT’ accessory. Here’s how some of the cool kids are wearing it.


Puffer jackets are nothing new on the menswear scene. This year it’s being done in bright poppy colours and long forms. The style steers more towards appearance than utility, with it being worn unzipped or unbuttoned. Gone are the days when puffers fit like a glove, these days the slouchier they are the better. Here’s how it’s done.


In 2019, leather has been done and dusted, but what’s interesting this year is the slightly prim and proper avatar it has been given. Say hello to leather blazers and trenches. Leather has been doing the rounds in the rock and roll scene since the 60s; from over the top to grunge, these past decades have had their fun with it. This season it takes on a refined edge. Menswear’s astute tailoring has lent itself to leather trends, leather trenches are big this season. What’s underneath doesn’t matter. You can go casual or class it up. The possibilities are endless.


This trend has made its way from the women’s runway to the men’s. More and more hommes are going in for the relaxed feel of this wide-legged, slouchy style. When it comes to this trend, comfort and catwalk have come to a stylish settlement. On the streets, it is seen sported with graphics printed shirts, basic t-shirts and more.


Once a staple of farm workers, the overalls have now coveted a place at elite workplaces. Work overalls are huge on the street style scene, especially the second-hand market. They have made an appearance or two on the runway in the past couple of years and has gained a steady following. Overall, they hone a casual air, but to make it work appropriate, pair it with a crisp shirt and throw on a blazer to seal the deal. Here’s how.


Gone are the days when men’s designer watches were the only accessory seen on men. Over the years men have dabbled with killer kicks, belts of different styles, ties of varying widths, quirky cuffs, etc.. Some have even borrowed from women’s trends and dabbled with statement jewellery and the man-bag. This season the coveted title of ‘the accessory of the season’ goes to the humble fanny pack. No, not the kind seen on tourists across the globe, these are cooler, hipper version of that. The way to do it in 2019 is to wear it cross-bodied or hung loosely on or around the belly, moved to one side. Another way to go is double bag it, which simply means to wear two of them at a time! The choice is yours.


Animal prints have long been confounded to the realm of womenswear. When it comes to menswear a brave few have dabbled with it on and off.  This year, however, the trend has taken off in a big way especially with the millennial crowd. This trend along with the man-bag and man skirts or (mirt) as you may call it is proof of the liberalism valued by this generation. Gender roles and identity have changed and so has the way people approach it via art, literature, and through personal style. Wear it bold and with pride.


Harnesses, padded vests, multi-pocket cargos, industrial rain gears and the likes have been doing the rounds on the runway over the past couple of years. While the approach on the catwalk is slightly avant garde, the tricked down version to the streets are slightly more reined in. Utility and fashion have come to a common ground, with the function being at the core of certain trends.

These are the top 8 trends that are popular both on the runway as well as on the streets. The line between the two is blurring day by day, with the high-end influencing the high street. While these trends took the centre stage, there are a few more worthy of a mention before we go.

Velvet has made a comeback, donned head-to-toe this 80’s favourite has been revived, redone and reprieved. Another notable accessory embraced by the fashion-forward enthusiasts is the Beret, which until now was seen adorning the heads of fashionistas across the world. With these trends, we call it a wrap. The key takeaway here is to play with the trends and not let them play you.

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