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This month, fashion is going to be a bit crazy. It’s early 2020, so everything is new, and everything is possible! For you, we looked at the best recent outfits from emerging fashion designers to give you some ideas for this month. We found no less than 15 trends that will help you stand out from the crowd. 

  1. The return of the fishnet

Yes, you read it right, the fishnet is making a comeback. But it’s 2020, so no way we would wear it like a 20th century woman. This month, we will wear a mini-dress version, in mid-high socks, or in an oversized top.

  1. Match your hair to your outfit

Pu like that, it may seem surprising, but it is indeed a strong trend of the year 2020. You just have to observe the famous singer Billy Eilish, follower of neon green, both on his hair and on his clothes! But it’s not the only one; Lady Gaga had matched her pink hair to her bridesmaid dress for the wedding of her friend Sarah Tanno. As for Kylie Jenner, her mini yellow bag matches perfectly with a wig of the same colour!

  1. Square-toed shoes

We were already talking about it in 2019. Square-toed shoes were popular on sandals during the summer, but also on boots for fall/winter. In 2020, the good news is that it’s coming in full force. So never go out without your square-toed shoes.

  1. The futuristic trend

This trend is of course more difficult to capture and appropriate on a daily basis. Unless of course your name is Zendaya, and you make a big buzz in a Tom Ford dress during the ceremony of the Critic’s Choice Awards… Besides, his photo posted on Instagram got more than 6,290,000 likes.

  1. The 2-in-1 or the new patchwork

The 2-in-1 piece is actually the new patchwork. A piece made up of two different materials, two separate prints or even two opposite colours. Okay, you must dare, but why not? It’s even better if it’s made of recycled materials. With the ecological trend going on and all the talks about climate change, it’s better to go for sustainable clothing.

  1. “Gender fluid” or genderless fashion

The gender fluid trend is more or less obvious in an outfit, but the principle always remains the same. The goal? Do not focus on so-called male pieces when you are a female, and vice versa. We are seeing more and more non-gendered collections in our favourite stores. In terms of personalities, we have the example of actor Billy Porter, who displayed a green strapless dress during the Critic’s Choice Awards, or Emily Ratajkowski, who is increasingly adopting the oversized men’s blazer, for a maximum effect.

  1. The XXL bag, otherwise called the tote bag

Do you remember the super strong trend of the mini bag, instilled by Jacquemus and his Chiquito, then followed by more accessible brands? It turns out that in 2020, we stop with minimalism and we opt for much larger bags, which can contain much more than a credit card and chewing gum!

  1. Wear shoes, but mismatch them

This is a trend that is not necessarily easy to adopt in everyday life, but which works frighteningly well! It works of course with pumps, but the sneaker brands are also getting started, like Vans and the European-made brand Caval, which offers mismatched sneakers, easy to wear!

  1. The chain for glasses

You must have seen it since summer; the chain for sunglasses or eyeglasses is experiencing a real revival! Forget the simple cord, and go to your favourite NZ jewellery designers and get your heavy chain, rhinestones, inlays, or even the golden XXL chain for a guaranteed bling bling effect!

  1. The crafted bra

In reality, between a bra and crop top, the nuance is sometimes very fine. For 2020, we are talking about bras, but beware; crafted! Exit the sports bra, enter the bra in cashmere, wool or cotton, to wear with a matching cardigan like Katie Holmes, the new it-girl of the year, or under a slightly transparent top.

  1. The ruffle skirt

If the ruffle skirt, mini version, was on all silhouettes during the 2000s, its long version will have its moment of glory in 2020. This skirt gives a very “boho” style and is often arranged with a top matching the same colour or sporting the same print or fabric.

  1. Low waist

Another trend from the 2000s that will certainly be more and more popular this year. If the high waist was the big winner of the 2010s, the low waist will win in 2020! The revamped version for the new decade is “baggie” rather than tight and is fitted with a cropped top or a leotard.

  1. Cut-out pants

Brands like I AM GIA and Verge are responsible for this very sexy trend, which reveals the skin with cut-outs on the hips.

  1. The coordinated look

Coordinated sets have been popular for a few years now, but this trend is taken to an extreme in 2020. Indeed, we see more and more celebs and random fashionistas wear a set comprising a cardigan, a top and pants in the same material and the same colour.

  1. The puffed sleeves

The sleeves of princesses are more fashionable than ever. You can wear this trend in the form of a cocktail dress or a cropped top, fitted with wide pants. This the perfect item to go out; it’s elegant; warm, and very comfortable! To try puffed sleeves is to adopt them!

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