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Whether you are returning to work or returning to school, now is the time to get yourself a new wardrobe. While summer is not over yet, 2019 autumn trends have already arrived and with them, plenty of inspiring and stylish looks. We love the leopard print, satin and faux fur, which are our picks of the month. Here are all the fashion trends of the season, already spotted on the catwalks!

Like every year, there is you should not miss out on the major post-summer trends. For a fresh start, we spotted for you the best fashion ideas of the moment. Rest assured, among the new trends, there has to be something you will love! You can choose between bold prints, colourful pieces and comfortable materials.

What stylish pieces will you adopt? What colours and prints will become all the rage? Here are the fashion trends you should put your money on! 

The trendy prints you can’t miss out

The trend of animal motifs is still on the forefront, to our delight. And if the leopard is still a great success, the other animals are not far behind. Zebra, snake, python… animal prints are finding their way onto our mid-season blouses and on our autumn coats.

The star print of the season is checks! Prince de Galle, pied-de-poule, pied-de-cock, tartan or Scottish, XXL version, colourful, black and white — the variations are infinite. It is thus to be adopted without delay if you wish to be on top of your fashion game this fall. And good news, the plaid print mixes well with all styles, whether casual, bohemian, classy or sportswear.

The new season will celebrate the big return of the 70’s spirit in our wardrobes. The Paisley print, better known as the Kashmir pattern, is in every collection. We like it in fluid materials and we wear it well with mom jeans or a midi skirt, for a very retro style. You can sublimate the retro look with a nice blouse or break the first-class look with a message t-shirt and sneakers combo. Simple and efficient.

The colour trends that will make you shine bright

The current colour trends will delight all fashionistas. Lovers of nude, pop hues or soft and sweet colours, all will find their happiness this season! You’ll find plenty of pop designer dresses like the trapeze skirt, a classic that never gets old. Fashionable as ever, It is perfect for a tweed suit at Tara Jarmon, and buttoned all the way at Ralph Lauren along with bridal lace.

Autumn 2019 will be definitely… colourful! It is as if all fashion designers have been looking to delay the arrival of the autumnal greyness as much as possible by creating their in flashy colours that one would rather have attributed to a summer collection. But against all odds, we even see the comeback of colours that we thought were forever gone: fluorescent! Yes, the fashionistas are not going to go unnoticed, because the ready-to-wear pieces will now display clearly assumed pop shades. Between a flamboyant fuchsia and yellow with pinches of phosphorescence, in love yet?

Very present in spring-summer fashion trends, the nude shades persists this autumn. In camaieu version, nearing the colour of a camel or imitating the shade of the New Zealand greenstone, this colour with a thousand shades adds the benefits of fitting with everything. On streetwear or a  chic look, you will have a hard time getting it wrong. And stay on time with an old school men’s watch at your wrist.

No place for dull and gloomy. This month, the colour that will be seen all over the seen will be the neon trend. Fuchsia pink comes in downy coats, cargo pants, blazer jackets and turtlenecks. If you are brave enough, you will even dare to wear it head-to-toe, like those seen on the catwalks of Jacquemus, Kenzo and Chanel. You’ll look perfect with a professional hair straightening job!

The fabrics of the month

This month will be full of pastel shades like lilac, water green, sky blue, almond or powder pink. Hot on a vintage cardigan, on a dress or a XXL sweater, they will also let you face the cold gently. Our favourite accessories – such as beaded bags and scarves – will also make you fall in love with the retro charm of these soft colours.

Satin has not said its last word yet as one of the best dress materials. This silky fabric has a place of choice in our dressing. We take advantage of the mid-season to reuse fashion pieces that have made up our summer attires like this midi skirt, an oversized bomber and slip dresses. And we still love the satin trouser suit.

More and more designers are saying yes to ethical fashion. Fall makes it essential to get our wardrobes redone for a breath of fresh air. So, dress up your faux fur dresses with the flagship prints of the season such as checks or zebras. To make it twice as stylish. Colourful, short, long, the variations are plentiful and audacious. This fall, we want them all! 

The organza is the novelty of the month. On tops, dresses and cardigans, this bright and voluminous fabric feels light as air. It will of course also take some structural form. The oversized sweater is taking off this season with ever-larger volumes!

It’s decided, we will continue wearing leather this month. To adopt it without being BDSMy, we put on basics, a leather skirt or pants. These are easy to combine with a t-shirt, a blouse or a crisp shirt. These pieces are enough to modernize any outfit and give anyone a rock-solid look. And as fashion is also a game, don’t play it safe. Dare to mix trends even if it means marrying leather with tartan.

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