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Hello, fashionistas, September is upon us and the dazzling world of fashion, complete with sewing pins and dress zippers has a whole new bunch of trends to reveal! This year we’ve seen the rise of revival trends – biker shorts, bucket hats, 80s strong shoulders have all made their way back into the future, and come September these trends are just going to transition their way into fall. Let’s review some of the trends and current happenings on the fashion circuit. 

Fashion news is first up


Farfetch’s CEO stated that influencers and micro-influencers will be the future of fashion. That hardly seems like news. Influencer marketing at present is amongst one of the top tactics that brand managers use to promote their brand. This statement follows Farfetch’d acquisition of the brand NGG (New Guards Group). So next time you see a male influencer promote men’s watches online, remember he is part of a fast-growing global network, predicted to take the world of fashion marketing by storm. 


Fashion rentals have been around for a couple of years now, but only recently have they managed to grab major eyeballs. The latest entrant in the preowned/rental market is Bloomingdale, the brand will offer its customers the chance to rent 4 outfits initially with unlimited subscriptions for a sum of 149$. 

Some of the other brands entering the market are Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People. The increase in the rental market can be attributed to the shift in consumers’ consciousness. More and more people are willing to invest in pieces that are better for the environment; even if it costs a little more. 


Fashion Nova the popular fast-fashion brand and Belicalis Almanzar’s favourite has been in the news for launching their new 24/7 denim line which uses quality blend fabrics that ensure a snug fit giving the denim the desired stretch and comfort. The brand is the poster boy for inclusivity as it often works with influencers with different body-types, ages and ethnicity.

Let’s move on to fashion trends!


Fashion trends often oscillate between the past and the current, one such trend on the scene is that of 18th-century poof dresses. Think ruched shoulders and prairie hemlines! Of course to flaunt these vintage favourites in 2019 will need a bit of a modern spin. Simplicity is the way to go. While the dresses are past-reminiscent accessories remember current, hence creating a cute juxtapose of the past and the present. 


Fashion and sportswear intermingle often and hence crossovers are bound to happen. The latest one to hit the scene is the mountaineers climbing gear. These are bucket-shaped carry-alls which serve the function of carrying chalk for the mountaineers, whereas in the world of fashion they carry the function of upping your street cred!


One of the trends prominent during the Paris Couture Week is that of statement sleeves. Long sleeves women’s tops are one of the ‘it’ items coveted in this trend – The twist is the details in the shoulder design. Puffed, exaggerated, ruched, you name it! They come in all shapes and sizes! The general rule seems to be bigger the better! 


This is one trend that transitions well from boardroom to a bar. We also love the easy-going vibe of this trend. The trousers, generally with paper bag waists are worn mid-waisted paired with a humble tank. Working with pastels and neutrals is also a popular way to don this look. Another way to go – monochrome head-to-toe! The outcome is chicness personified. 


You can barely go online without coming across fashion-enthusiasts sporty this current favourite! It’s a flattering silhouette and goes with almost any outfit. Our favourite way to wear it is with sporty tracks and t-shirt combo or with summer dresses, dressed down by donning it over a t-shirt or adding a casual jacket. 


Less of a trend and more of an attitude shift never before has localisation played an important part in making the end purchase. This would be a good time to explore NZ gift ideas for overseas. Not only does this trend tap in the vast variety of Kiwana items available, but it also helps the local economy and get the kiwi spirit out there.  


Showing skin is in! Sheer tops or dresses draped over bodysuits and bralets are the way to go in 2019. There’s a thin line between stylish and slutty, thread with caution. The key is to keep the vibe casual and work with just one pee-a-boo item at a time. You can also add layers to make it more work appropriate!


Round-toe-shoes are a thing of the past, this year the fashion lovers prefer their toes at a right-angle. Square-toe-shoes are everywhere. This is one of the most widely accepted trends on the street-style circuit, and an easy one at that too. The trend has even made its way down to the flip-flop category. 

Extra Large Collars

This year everything seems to be going the hulk –way! This plus-size trend has moved north from the shoulders and has found home engulfing our collar-bone. XL collars are all over the scene. A classic white shirt is one thing, but a not-so-classic white shirt with extra-large-collars is what street style stars are made of!


Who can resist the romantic charm of florals, sure every season the hues, the patterns and the size change; but what remains constant is its every-green appeal. Florals are an easy-peasy way to make a statement without even trying!

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