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Fashion is an ever-changing game, and to quote Project Runway, “In fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out.”  Hence staying on top of all the trends requires a bit of research. That’s where we come in. We do all the groundwork so that you don’t have to. Here’s a roundup of the latest trends, the latest news, celebrity style and launches – we’ve covered all the bases!

First up, the latest ‘IT’ brands – from designer men’s clothing, men’s watches, to designer women’s clothing, to makeup brands, gym wear and much more. 

Normcore has replaced luxury baggage. For years, the LV monogrammed luggage was the essential ‘airport’ accessory. Celebrities, insta-famous models and influencers were seen toting one. This year this trend has taken a u-turn into the utility lane. Affordable, practical designs are taking the forefront. Brands such as Away and Tumi are now the new ‘must-haves’. It’s not that surprising, given that their design takes into account the ease of travel. Some of their luggage comes equipped with a built-in battery to charge your devices, laundry bags and much more. Not to mention, the price is a lot lower than their luxury counterparts, which makes them that much more attractive! 

RiRi’s latest collection for her label Fenty is a nod to the era of inclusivity and body positivity. Her designs are made keeping in mind the body shapes of everyday women rather than skinny fashion models. Her logic was simple, if she can’t wear her own designs, then it makes no sense to sell it. Rihanna is known to embrace her curves and through her latest collection, she is inspiring women all across the globe to do so too!

Amongst other launches seen this season, one of the most talked about is Anwar Hadid’s jewellery label, Martyre. He teamed up with his longtime friend Yoni Laham to create gender fluid pieces not limited by gender biases. 

Kate Hudson has launched her ready-to-wear brand Happy X Nature along with the fashion designer Michele Manz. The label showcases eco-friendly designs with a boho vibe. This is the brand’s statement – “Our goal is simple — making you and nature happy with easy, free-spirited fashion that minimizes our impact on non-renewable resources.” This is exactly the kind of launches we are looking forward to in the year 2019.

League Collective is changing the relation between sportswear and sustainability, many brands are gaining a conscience and are looking for sustainable models of production. Asuno makes clothes that are made to order, which goes back to the model of slow fashion. League collective is making gym and swimwear out of recycled materials. Adidas has recently launched a new shoe which is made from recycled plastic waste from the oceans. They have also launched a mindful collection which includes pieces made from recycled polyester etc.. Vyayama, Manduka, Yoga Democracy, Davy J, Silou London, Vivo Barefoot and Starseeds are some of the other brands that are introducing sustainability into gym wear. An assortment can be the ideal wholesale gift that can be given to your fitness crazy, tree-hugging friend. 

We now come to the essence of the industry – Fashion Trends!

Sustainability is more than just a trend, it’s a lifestyle choice. Whether you are making your own clothes or investing in repairing your existing ones by purchasing sewing supplies such as a sewing machine, needles, threads, sewing pins etc., or buying solely second hand, there are many ways to be mindful of fashion’s impact on the environment. The goal is to become more aware of our consumption patterns and make changes that put the planet first. Here are some of the trends that can be done sustainably. 

Bucket Hats: Walk into any vintage store and you will find these hung in a corner. This trend is not new, it’s a revival of a 90s trend, hence second-hand stores are your best bet. The same goes for fanny packs! You will find ample varieties in thrift stores all across the world. 

Leopard Print: Besides the obvious choice of thrift stores there are some ethical brands that are stocking up this classic trend. Reformation is one such brand!

Jewellery: When it comes to finding unique earrings that make a sustainable statement, you can fall back on ZM Jewellery and Yumé jewellery for stunning pieces that you will cherish for life. 

Next up, some street style trends:

Denim Trends: This summer it’s all about loose fit denim! Comfort comes first with this trend. Another one to look out for is, Denim Bermudas. The ideal length is a couple of inches above the knee. This silhouette looks fabulous in both formal and informal settings. Pleated denim is another trend that is gaining popularity this summer – think 90s pleated trousers in denim! This silhouette is extremely flattering and season appropriate. Cargo pants are another retro trend making a comeback this year! Last but not least, this 70s favourite is hard to ignore, the Tie-Dye Denim. It’s everywhere! To put it simply, this season, our fit seems to get more relaxed as the temperature rises. 

Dress Over Pants: We’ve seen this trend in some of Elie Saab’s runway shows and Raf Simon’s collection for Dior, but the trend took off on the streets somewhere in the early 2000s. This year both Rihanna and Bella were seen dabbling with this look and the outcome is stunning. Maybe we’ll see more of this trend in the coming months. 

Skirt Styles: Another summer staple, the skirt has seen taking on different hemlines and silhouettes this summer, some of the popular choices are – Tweed skirts with a button down front, Mini Skirts with buttons details, floral prints, satin slip skirts, zebra prints, two-tone pleated skirts, polka dots, minimalistic black, and finally the wrap around skirt! 

The Parting thought – trends are great, but invest in pieces you will keep forever. Conscious consumption is the need of the hour! 

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