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One look at all major fashion weeks around the world and top fashion Instagrammers, one thing is hard to miss – the revival of trends from the 70s, 80s, 90s. It can be safely concluded that there have only been a few innovations in the industry, but a lot of revivals. Last decade or so, the industry has looked at the past to gain inspiration and re-introduce trends that were once considered kitsch, in a brand new ‘hip’ avatar. What are these trends? Let’s have a look.

You cannot cover trends this month without talking about the #slowfashionchallenge. 1st of May onwards, sustainable influencers around the globe have been trying to oust the evils of fast fashion and promote a more sustainable three season traditional approach to fashion. This focus on sustainability and conscious consumption have led to many fashion designers bearing in mind the ecological footprint of their collection while finalising the design, picking the fabric stores, mills, artisans to source from, packaging and distribution. This phenomenon has also led to the invention of sustainable watches for men and women, ethical handmade jewellery, eco wholesale giftware and even leather made from plant-based ingredients such as pineapple, apple, tree bark, etc..

Another major development that has been seen is with regards to the issues of body-positivity and minority representation in advertisements and brand messaging of major fashion labels. This can be seen through ad campaigns that are more inclusive of different races and ethnicities. Gender neutral clothing which defies the limits set by gender roles and plus –size clothing that encourages women to love their body in all shapes and sizes. The prime example is the Rihanna X Fenty collaboration. The singing sensation has made it a point to include garments for curvier women in her collection, breaking away from the ‘XXS’ perception of beauty hailed by the fashion industry.

In other news, Prada has joined the fur-free brigade and as of their SS collection 2020, and Prada is officially fur-free! This includes its brand Miu Miu as well. The decision is in line with the luxury label’s focus on innovation and social responsibility.

Let’s move on to the southern hemisphere. Australia fashion week saw a killer turnout. Homegrown brands such as Réalisation Par, Ellery, and Dion Lee all had stellar collections on display. What was interesting to see was the street-style that was minimalist with a touch of quirk.

Cross over bags were seen on several fashionistas. Candy coloured suits were crowd-favourites as well. White, Beige, Ivory and Tan were the hues of sported by many. Snakeskin being another favourite donned by many. Dress and jackets knotted at the waist were seen on a few, the silhouette is fun and fresh. Florals, zebra, abstract are some of the patterns that were seen in wide numbers. Flowy satin skirts and co-ords were popular picks as well. Overall, the street style for Aussie fashion week was in tune with the runway trends worldwide, with popular trends such as head-to-toe beige, statement checks, square-toe sandals, oversized blazers, cross body bags, block heels were seen on Aussie fashionistas. The overall style was understated, even kitsch elements were edited in a way that the overall look spelled effortless and minimalistic.

Now let’s do a round -up of the popular trends

Sporty Sandals – Formerly known as men’s work boots are now coveted fashion accessories. The chunky sandals are seen all over Instagram and the street style circuit. The trick lies in creating a contrast of sorts; a sharp outfit juxtaposed against the oddness of the sporty sandals creates an ensemble that is visually striking.

Pearls- Pearls are classic and they are bigger than ever this season, they are seen in all forms, dainty to daring. It gives any outfit the polish it deserves.

Cinched Waist Blazer – This isn’t a new trend, it did the round a couple of seasons ago and then kind of lurked in the background, only to take the centre stage this season. Belted blazers are seen all over Instagram, on celebrities and all major fashion publications are talking about it. It even made its way all the way to the Australian Fashion Week.

Neon Hues – Neon continues to stay strong season after season. It looks like these eye-glaring tones are here to stay. The way fashionistas are wearing it across the globe is either head to toe or muted down with a neutral. Neon blocking is another way to go!

Mules & Platform – Platform heels and mules are in this season. It is really a combination of the two that makes it interesting. Comfort trumps style when it comes to this combo.

Cycle Shorts – Cycle shorts are not going anywhere! While most 90’s kids will remember it as their go-to ensemble as kids, the cycle shorts have grown up as we have! This school girl favourite is now a grown up and is seen paired with blazers for a polished sophisticated outcome.

Feathers & Frills – Our love affair with feathers, fringes, and all this furry continue. Feather trimmings are a popular way in which this trend is being worn. Fringed dresses or details are in, and seen on women across ages. Even Miuccia Prada rocked a slime green fringed number in 2018.

Statement Hats – With the soaring temperatures all across the world, this trend is right on point. Statement hats are being worn in every scenario possible, and are not restricted to the confines of beach holidays!

This concludes our monthly line-up of trends to look out for! This summer is all about indulging in the excess with a minor edit. As we can see many trends are going strong season after season and that’s not likely to change. Investing in these pieces can be a good investment, but if fashion month has taught us anything, it is to consume with care. Trends come and go, and wearing something just for a season is out. Conscious consumption is in, and with the disastrous effects of global warming, rightly so!  

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