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Let’s admit it, the world of fashion or the world of online fashion is best observed on social media, with Instagram leading the brigade. What’s interesting to see is the adaptation of runway trends into everyday life. OTT trends given an OOTD twist. Every fashion enthusiast has their own take, their own interpretation of the trend, their own story, their own statement. Let’s see what the stories are for the month.


Tie dye is as versatile as it gets, everyone has their own preference and taste. Some like it as it was in the 70s, flowy, free moving silhouettes; while some like to add a structure to rein in the louchey vibe. Tie-dye is seen everywhere. In the form of hoodies, pants, even tie-dye blazers. Do-it-yourself tie-dye is bustling on the scene as well. Whether you like the hippy-dippy feel or a modern vibe, this is amongst one of the popular patterns this year.


Animal prints make a revival almost every year in some form or the other. This month, the animal of choice is the humble zebra. The gorgeous black and white pattern compliments almost any outfit. Most fashion enthusiasts don it in smaller doses, a separate or an accessory here and there, a brave few are working this trend head to toe.


Scarves are having their moment in the sun, and not the bulky, winter kind. Summer scarves are light, silky and come in vibrant colours of the sun, almost as if to channel the vibe of the season. Some of the favourite ways to adorn them are knotted around the neck, around your wrist, worn across the head or around the handles of your favourite handbag.


The demand for sustainable fashion has led some to create their own garbs. Many are picking unique T-shirt fabrics, denim fabrics and creating stunning custom garments with them. There is a renewed interest in knitwear, pattern drafting, sewing and quilting. Making your own clothes not only allows more creative freedom but also eases the conscience.


Mary Jane Pumps have left the school playgrounds and are now women’s work shoes. The innocence of Mary Janes is given a grown-up feel with the pump heels. They look classy, chic with a hint of fun and they transition well from day to night.


The fanny packs sported by your dads on vacation have taken a dashing turn. The new variants are more sleek and sexy, as opposed to their ancestral form. They were big in 2018 and they continue to reign in 2019 as well. Major fashion labels such as Louis Vuitton can be accredited for their revival. These are worn cross-body in 2019, and brownie points for layering two at a time.


One look at any online jewellery company, you will notice at least one or two art pieces. From wearable art rings to architectural earrings to statement necklaces, the market is saturated with beautiful unique masterpieces. What we love about art jewellery is the disregard for tradition and the bending of the rules to fit one’s vision rather than the other way around. Many pieces are created by smaller sustainable brands, a quick search with the keyword ‘greenstone online’ will throw up a number of indie sellers on Etsy or their own site selling handmade custom pieces which align with your chakras as much as it does with your style.


It’s one of those ‘art for art’s sake’ pieces because let’s be honest, these micro bags won’t fit anything bigger than your lip balm. If you leave aside the practical uses and focus on the aesthetic appeal, you will find that these pieces add a cheeky spin on the most formal of outfits.


It’s a hybrid between a shirt and a jacket. It fits like a jacket but feels like a shirt. Many stylish men have added this summer-friendly separate to their collection. As this outwear is made of light fabrics, it adds a finish to your outfit while saving you from getting heat stroke. It transitions beautifully from a boardroom to a bar.


While skinny pants on men look great, nothing matches the comfort of wide-legged trousers. Many men are swapping the tailored fit of the skinny for a more relaxed fit in natural breathable fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, linen to name a few. They look great not only at work, but in any setting, be it a vacation, work or something in between.


These are toned down versions of the Hawaiian shirt. Printed shirts for men in fun vibrant patterns are in this month. They channel the summer vibe beautifully and look young and fresh. Don’t shy away from quirky or loud prints, the mantra this month is the louder the better.


Both womenswear and menswear have taken to the statement puffer trend. This year puffers are experimenting with non-synthetic fabrics, tailored fits and fun prints. Gone are the days of black and boring puffers, this season it’s all about loud crayon colours and neon shades.


Who wouldn’t want to wear something that makes you feel like you are wrapped in a giant blanket? Fleece is no longer just lining material, it is now the star. Fleece hoodies and sweatshirts are all the rage on the Instagram scene. They lend a casual vibe to any outfit.


Nothing spells romance as ruffles do. Ruffles of varying sizes are seen across the runway and on the streets. A ruffled top is the one spring staple you should absolutely own. To make your purchase a little special, head to a thrift store to stock on these 80s favourites.

And there you have it, trends of the season. You are now equipped to make a sartorial statement of your own.

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