The Lowdown On Men’s Workout Clothes

The year 2016 – 2017 saw the foray of activewear on the runway, it even had its own nomenclature called ‘Athliesure’. Circa 2018, will the trend surge its way through, what are the cool innovations we’ve seen this year in sportswear. Will it live up to the  Let’s find out.

Every new year, millions of inhabitants around the world pledge to a healthier more active tomorrow, which has, in turn, led to a demand in durable, highly innovative active wear; to which the sports equipment suppliers and apparels suppliers have tended to adequately. Will this trend stand the test of time or will fade away like the ‘Man Bun’?

As per Global Industry Analysts Inc., sports and fitness apparel clothing will reach an estimated $231.7 billion worldwide by 2024. The segment has seen a 13% hike as per stock quantity when compared to the last quarter of 2017 (OND), to that of 2015.

Once the trend was established, it caught the eye of fast-fashion giants such as H&M, Top-shop, Zara etc, which gave it a new definition and status. This has not only affected the price range of the market, but also its aesthetics. Men, no longer just look for comfort, they want it to be an amalgamation of style and ease.

Let’s have a look at what are the trends that are picking up and the ones fading out.

New age fabrics

Breathable bamboo fabrics, water-resistant layers, moisture-wicking fabrics are all the amours of modern athleisure. Innovative fabrics are at the core of this trend. Since the fabrics absorb the sweat and provide maximum comfort, there is no need for looser ill-fitted silhouettes anymore. These innovations have in turn led to our next trend. Here’s a low down on the fiber-innovation in the sportswear segment.

Well fitted sports wear

Since the fabrics no longer inhibit the workout, sportswear is moving away from baggy sweatpants and oversized T-shirts. It’s all about the shape and the fitting. Tapered sweatpants, leggings over shorts allow for the ankle room need while keeping your warm. Same goes for loose T-shirts which hinder the movement while working out. Performance jersey, give you the extra room needed near the chest and the shoulders for the stretching will be cinched at the waist to keep the extra fabric from flopping around. Guardian’s editor picks his best from the new launches this season.

Workout to men’s work clothes

With the advent of ‘Start-up’ culture, workout clothes are no-longer banished to the confines of a gym or a park. It has made its way into the conference rooms of the creatives. Well –  tailored track pants or windbreakers for a casual day of work is almost a uniform amongst the hip and fashion savvy. Sneakers are now appreciated as much for its appeal as it is for its active comfort. GQ shows us the way through celebrity trend reports.

Sport gears

Now that the men have their work wear in place, it was only about time they moved on to sports gear next. Fitness accessories e-comm stores are equivalent to the online jewellery store company for women. In the past few years, we’ve seen men adapting to different gym accessory trends. Be it fitness bands or knick-knacks such as sweatbands, water bottles, micro-fiber towels etc. Business insider picks the top 10 fitness accessories to upgrade your routine workout. Men’s health magazine narrows it down to top ten health and fitness products in 2018.

Bag it

It’s not an accessory, it’s a necessity. Gym bags were long ignored and have now got their rightful place. To think about it, it holds all the vital components of a workout together – activewear, the gears, sweatbands, headphone, towels – the list goes on. With the shift towards a cleaner aesthetic that we saw in the activewear has lent itself to this category as well. Chunky bags are out, they are instead replaced by bags that are not only sleek but highly functional. Gym Rat has listed the top 25, whereas, for an easy gym to office transition, the Men’s Journal has listed 13. Have a look.

Activewear is not only restricted to the gym, entails any and every physical activity there is. Skiing, Surfing, Swimming, mountaineering all fall under the banner. All these high adrenaline activities demand highly specialized activewear. In this case, the outfit can literally have make or break consequences hence many players are catering to this slight niche market. Decathlon is one such giant. Kitbag, Early Winters and JD sports are its close competitors across international and domestic markets.

We hope you keep those new year’s resolution; and whatever you need, this article is sure to help the workout savvy men find it.

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