The Latest Summer Fashion And Style Tips

Summer is finally here again, and it’s time to get out there and let your skin feel the warm sun again. Sandals, shorts, swimwear and the like are ready to be pulled out of the closet and worn with pleasure. Part of the problem of the summer wardrobe, however, is that by the time summer finally comes around again, some of your clothing might be out of date.

This will always be an issue, so long as fashion continues its relentless march forward. However, you can try and avoid the constant need to reorganise and repurchase every season by doing a little planning ahead, buying timeless pieces instead of the newest fads, and just generally buying what makes you happy and comfortable to wear for years to come.

Summer accessories  

Summer accessories this year are continuing with being bold and unapologetic. Think large statement earrings, and bags with decorated shoulder straps glammed out sparkles. Accessories are also being asked to work double time, and be used for multiple purposes. For example, fitness trackers continue to rise in popularity due to their ability to track steps, exercises, heart rate and calories burned all in one. When you’re looking for men’s watches online in NZ, you’ll likely still see the classic leather band watches right alongside some of the more activewear ones.

Summer workwear  

Workwear can be tough in the summer. Finding the balance between smart, professional wear and things that are comfortable, breathable, and light for the summer is often difficult. Your main goal for the summer will be finding things that can still impress the boss, but make you comfortable while you’re sitting for 8 hours at your desk job.

For women, think long, flowy summer dresses. Maxi dresses and sun dresses alike have been a staple in many women’s closets for a few years now, so why not use them in multiple ways by wearing them to work as well. Pairing a maxi dress with a cardigan or blazer is a super quick and easy way to polish up the look and make it more professional. Long, printed dresses are also a huge hit in the fashion world right now, so you won’t need to worry about being out of style any time soon.

Cardigans and blazers, along with really any type of coverup, can also turn less appropriate items into workwear. Since they’re easy to pull off and store in your bag once 5:00 pm hits, you can easily turn that gorgeous low back singlet into the perfect addition to that meeting appropriate outfit.

If you’re still stuck with a traditional office uniform, you can still make your summer uniform lighter and more comfortable by shopping for specific types of fabric. For example, linen and cotton are the big hitters for cool fabrics that are breathable as well. Try and stick to light coloured pieces, if possible, which don’t absorb as much heat, and in one of these types of breathable summer fabrics.      

Summer basics

Summer clothing has always been a little less fabric and a little more colourful. This year, the less fabric part is moving from short shorts to short shirts, like crop tops, for example. High waisted shorts pair perfectly with these little crop tops, making for a really nice high waist silhouette.

Cutouts and backless items are another older trend that is staying true for the summer ahead. This makes it easy for you to pair your older cutout dresses and shirts with the new fashion accessories to create a new look.  

Summer Footwear

From the past trends of gladiator sandals, to jelly shoes, to many other not-so-fashionable footwear choices of the 90’s, our summer footwear has changed quite a bit. One of the more recent summer styles for our feet is to wear comfortable, easy to wear sandals that are convertible from work to play. One example is the Birkenstock sandal, which has some cute styles that you might even be able to wear to work, but boast incredible comfort all day.

Summer suncare

This summer, everyone is way more concerned with being careful in the sun than ever before. Especially in countries like New Zealand where rates of melanoma cases are the worst in the world, the trend is starting to finally change towards being more careful in the sun. Take a look around at your nearest swimwear shop, and you’ll probably see additional items like hats and coverups for sale. These items help block the sun but still keep you stylish. Even in kid’s boutique clothing, you have probably started seeing more beach hats and beachwear, designed to keep the little ones safe from dangerous UV rays.  

Despite summer being the season that people are more aware of the sun and its dangers, make sure that you’re also paying attention in any season. The sun’s rays can be strong and dangerous in winter just as much as summer, and can often mean even worse sun exposure since you aren’t as aware, and probably not taking as much precaution as when it’s hot outside.

When the summer is over, it’s time to pack up all those shorts and singlets and bright, crazy patterns away for the winter season. If you’ve planned it out well, you can hopefully pull them right back out next spring and wear them all over again. The best wardrobes grow with you and your fashion sense, and get recycled throughout the years. Remember that no matter what, the new clothing or fashion accessory you buy should always resonate at least a little bit with you, and be something that you can fall in love with every season. That’s when you know you’ve purchased a timeless item that will last you years and years.  

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