The Latest Fashion Trends And Styles

Navigating the endless and ever changing fashion trends is exhausting. Every summer there is a new trend or new color that’s in style, and trying to match your wardrobe with the latest and greatest is almost  near impossible. We all flip through fashion magazines at the dental office or maybe purchase one at the airport, and perhaps think to ourselves that we could really follow some of those tips and trends that we see on the pages.

But in reality, we probably can’t, or shouldn’t afford those stylish new pants or that new sweater, and besides that, they’ll go out of style within a year or two anyway. So how do we navigate fashion without having to go overboard? And what kind of fashion can we hopefully keep in our closet for longer than a season? Read on for more!

Women’s regular clothes

Behold, the biggest culprit of changing styles: women’s clothing. Not just all women’s clothing, but the regular day in, day out clothing that we wear. But, women’s fashion doesn’t have to be constantly changing to be in style, and these below pieces are ones you’ll be able to wear year after year.

  • Athletic wear: Using athletic wear as regular clothing seems a bit like cheating. But, in today’s yoga pant culture, it’s more plausible than you think. Try pairing active wear pants with longer shirts, sweaters, or even blazers.  
  • Patterned pants:  These are incredibly easy to style, and will stay fashionable for some time. Pair a funky pattern with a solid color shirt for a super easy outfit. Take a look at these other patterned pants stylings for more help.
  • Mix and match: If you’re feeling more bold, mixing prints and patterns, top and bottom, can create a stunning and unique look. This guide will get you started on easy mixing.
  • Jumpsuits: Rompers, jumpsuits, and bodysuits are all quite popular right now, and look to be on the fashion horizon for a while. While they seem a bit tricky, they’re really quite simple and easy to wear, and are for absolutely everyone.  
  • Designer clothing: Designer clothing of any kind is always a great investment. Not only will you be getting the latest fashion, but it will also last longer than regular clothing. It will also be a timeless piece that you can keep in your closet forever.
  • Brights and florals: Bring out that flower power spirit in you and go crazy with the floral prints. Dresses, skirts, and jumpsuits that are head to toe floral print, or any shade of bright, are in style and incredibly fun to wear.
  • See through: This sounds a bit more risque than it actually is. Sheer and see through tops, pants, and leggings are making quite the splash on the fashion scene. There are plenty of ways to pair sheer and see through without having to show everything, or don’t be afraid to go all out and open with your see through fashion!

Women’s work outfits

  • Crisp shirts: No matter what, when, how or why, crisp blouses will always be in style and an essential piece of workwear. You can pair it with almost anything in your closet and consistently look polished and professional. For those of us needing to wear corporate uniforms, your blouse will be your greatest ally in your closet.
  • Sweater dresses: These are one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to be dressed at work. Pair it with leggings underneath, or some tights and boots for a chic look.
  • Turtlenecks: Turtlenecks have never really gone out of style, but the way that we wear them has changed over the decades. This means that a solid turtleneck in your closet never has to go out of style, but simple change up what you pair it with. One perfect way to wear it at work is under a blazer, paired with fitted pants or a skirt. Another is to tuck into a pencil skirt and add a pair of tights.
  • Statement items: Things like statement sleeves, bold prints, and culotte pants are all making waves on the workwear fashion front. Culotte pants look great with a more fitted, simple top, and statement sleeves on a blouse can be softened with regular black crop pants. Don’t be afraid to rock them at work and be prepared for a lot of compliments!

Men’s work outfits

Although not particularly fair, men’s workwear has historically been much easier to be fashionable than women’s. With that said, there are always ways to make a work outfit stand out from the standard suit and tie.

  • Casual with professional: Try pairing casual items with professional ones, like simple khaki pants with a crisp top and suit jacket.
  • Ties: Consider going a little off the beaten path with a fun tie, if appropriate for your office. Stand out with a knit tie, which can be used to dress down a formal outfit or dress up something more casual.  
  • Briefcases: Stiff, black, square briefcases are no longer the necessary norm in the office, for men or women. Try going with a softer leather bag, or a patterned bag such a checkers or argyle.

Mens suits  

  • Colours: Be bold, and try a suit from a colour you wouldn’t normally wear. You might be surprised how much a non traditional colour suit gets you compliments and really brings out your skintone. If you’re a bit tentative to go with full, bright coloured suit, consider at least pairing different colors with your lapel or ties.
  • Custom made: Custom made suits will always and forever be in style. Make sure your tailor takes your measurements in detail so that your suit is perfectly fitted to your body.
  • Patterns: If a bright colour is too much for you, you might consider going with a pattern instead.Herringbone, houndstooth, or other types of patterns are an easy way to add texture and depth to your outfit without being too eye catching.   

Now you can get out there, get shopping, and get the kind of wardrobe that you’ll be able to wear for years to come!

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