The 10 Fashion Tips That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Fashion changes constantly. In fact, one of the only constants of fashion is that it probably will change tomorrow. For many of us, this means an exhausting continuum of shopping, purging unwanted and outdated clothing, then shopping again. It seems like your wardrobe will never stay the same because the fashion never stays the same.  

Thankfully, there are actually a few things that never go out of style. In fact, there are about ten of them, and we’ve captured them all in one place for you to hold on to the next time you head out shopping.

  1. Animal prints

Yes, animal prints. For your day to day use, to your office uniform, animal prints have never and will never go out of style. Use animal prints as the bold part of your outfit, to make an impression and to jazz up simple and boring clothes.

One of the best things about animal print is the versatile way you can wear it. From shoes to cardigans to dresses and scarves, animal print is available for just about any part of your wardrobe. One thing to keep in mind while wearing animal print, is to make sure that the print is the main, bold, piece of your outfit. Keep the rest of your outfit fairly simple and clean, to make the print stand out without looking too busy. Mixing other prints or bright colours with an animal print can overwhelm your outfit altogether. Take a look at this guide for using leopard print for more help.

  1. Ambiguous clothing

Ambiguous and androgynous clothing has continued to stand strong throughout the ever changing fashion world. Using menswear as womenswear and vice versa will continue to be trendy and popular, as it equals the playing field between the genders and can look amazing on any type of body. It’s also sparked some great conversation on gender nuetrality and the importance to allow people to dress in any fashion they choose.  

  1. Custom clothing

The thing about custom made clothing, or tailored clothing, is the impeccable fit, every single time. Nothing looks better than clothing that’s made to fit your body perfectly, and therefore is a trend that will never quit. Custom made shirts and pants can turn a women’s or men’s work shirt into more than an outfit, and more of an extension of you.

  1. Being bold

Bold prints, styles and outfits are always in style. We just simply wouldn’t have the same fashion risks, pitfalls, and massive successes if people weren’t willing to be bold with their fashion choices. If you’ve ever been to fashion week in New York, or even just a local fashion show, you probably didn’t see any safe choices. Even basic work outfits would be transformed into something new, something brave, and something you probably wouldn’t actually wear to work. Apply this to your own style every once in awhile to change up your outfits and increase your own confidence.  

  1. Quality clothing

Buying quality over quantity is always an excellent fashion tip that stands the test of time. The problem with buying quantity, as in cheap, replaceable clothing, is that you have to do just that, quite often. Buying low quality ends up being more expensive than buying high quality, so save your bucks and buy that one special designer piece or expensive jacket you’ve been eyeing and enjoy it for years and years to come.

  1. Office wear

Although many companies are moving towards flexible hours, flexible work environments, and flexible uniforms and dress codes, professional dress has never really gone out of style. Using some of the lessons we’ve already gone over above, buying office wear that fits well and has a bit of a statement to it will help set you apart from your coworkers. Whether you use an online uniform store or purchase in store items, remember also that quality is just as important here as it is in your normal day wear.

  1. Black pumps

You can almost never go wrong with a pair of black pumps. They fit with day or night outfits, work outfits,  or clubbing outfits. Besides that, they provide a chic and refined look to any outfit. One of the best things about black pumps is that you can choose your heel height, your style, and comfort level to fit your needs.

  1. Outerwear

Quality and fashionable outerwear is one fashion statement that often gets overlooked. We spend so much of our time putting together a solid outfit and reviewing it in the mirror, only to completely cover it up with a coat or rain jacket afterwards. Avoid this by purchasing a coat that compliments your outfit, instead of covering it up.

  1. Dress seasonally

This fashion tip is beyond simply dressing for the weather. Rather, it means dressing for the feel of the season as well. Many of us are guilty of wearing the same clothing throughout the year instead of buying pieces for each season. While it may make more sense economically to wear clothing throughout the year, it will actually help your clothing last longer by only wearing them for the season they’re meant for. Besides that, you’ll be less likely to get sick of an outfit when you only wear it for the one season.

  1. Be yourself

The best fashion tip of all time, has been and always will be, to be yourself when you dress. You are your best friend, as well as your worst enemy, so be kind to yourself when you dress and accept whatever style it is that makes you happiest.

Fashion is so subjective, and always, always changing, so don’t be afraid to go out from the norm and forge your own path of style. When you listen to your own voice, you’ll not only be making a statement, but you’ll also be truer to yourself than you ever have been before.

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