Spring Fashion You’ll Actually Care About This Spring

Here comes the sun, it’s all right, little darling – we could not have said it any better than The Beatles! As the winter fades off, and warmer days replace the gloomy ones, it’s time to shed the sombre winter clothes and introduce the freshness of spring into your wardrobe as well. Now trends change every year, does not mean your whole wardrobe should, but there are some key trends that are worth giving into. And always remember, everything makes a comeback in Fashion! With designer women’s clothing in New Zealand expanding every day, there is so much room for experimentation. So go all out and give these trends a whirl.


Big statement necklaces and chunky architecture inspired earrings are in this season. You can pretty much pair these with anything. They go especially well with solid outfits, and muted tones.  This is a great way to spruce up everyday outfits. It gives an instant lift to basic outfits such as a white shirt and trousers or plain t-shirt and jeans.


Sequins and metallics are ‘IN’ again! Runways all over the world where teemed with metallic pieces. They come in a variety of materials such as velvets, silks, and satins etc. These can be paired with louche t-shirts to make them day appropriate. The slip dress still rules this category with asymmetrical hemlines. These glamour pieces make lovely evening wear at a soiree and make an even bigger statement when paired with dramatic jewels such as an emerald diamond ring, bright topaz or sapphire pieces.


Well, we’re inspired by the wild, wild west this season, everything middle American is in! Think trucker caps, cow-boy jackets, country dresses, denim shirts, denim jackets etc. These nostalgic pieces, however, come with a modern twist. These classic are deconstructed with the addition of textures like leather, satin, checks etc, which gives it a fresh take. These statement pieces can add instant attitude and an edge to your delicate dainty spring outfits.


Britain’s staple makes way into the NZ fashion scene yet again. Checks come in all shapes and sizes – Trenches, carcoats, pantsuits, cardigans, blazer, sheath dresses, you name it, and you’ll have it. These classic pieces are given a new spin-off through deconstruction and fresh silhouettes. It’s the right add-on to your every office combo of a blouse and a trouser. It can also be a delicious stand alone on its own. When it comes to accessorising this trend; power pieces like sleek briefcases, men’s watches, stilettos, and totes are the way to go.


Flower power is bigger and better this season! Earlier reserved for wallpapers, postcards, and upholstery, these motifs have now made their way into an everyday wardrobe. When it comes to this trend, the ‘More is More’ mantra is right on cue.  Head to toe floral pieces add playfulness synonymous to spring. If you are not the one to go all out, you can start with a top or bottom and wear it with something neutral such as a classic black trouser or blue denim.


While this trend may not be everyone’s cup for tea, but for the few who like to make bold statements, this one is the perfect bet. Tiger, zebra, leopard prints get a new lease of life with additional details such as applique work in the motifs of domestic animals, critters, aquatic life etc. This gives this fierce trend a playful spin-off, which makes it appealing for all ages.  


This year we are turning to the past for the future trends! Think cinched waists, peasant sleeves, balloon skirts,  silks, chiffons, baroque,  opulent hand embroidery – Aristocracy has found a home in the 21st century! This trend is not for the faint-hearted, it takes a full-blown commitment to pull this one off. Head to toe is the one and only way to go. For beginners, solo pieces can do the trick.


The 90’s phenomenon is back, logos are making a comeback. It’s time to bring those stacked away treasures to the forefront, this season you can literally wear your heart (designer monograms) on your sleeve, the back, front, the top, the bottom, absolutely anywhere you, please. This is the time to flaunt your high fashion pieces with pride!


These delicate details now take centre stage and hold their own. They give any outfit an instant feminine touch. A classic shirt with ruffle details is a quick step up from the normcore. This trend almost pays an ode to the aura of the season and goes with almost everything. It can be seen in various forms – Hemlines, sleeve details, embellishments and much more.  To make this trend truly yours, mix and match it with clashing trends to give it a fashion blogger vibe.


Complimenting the blooms of the season, pastels take over the runways from New York to Milan. This year is the year of the subdued hues. Head to toe is one way to go. Another is to pastel-block, which means wearing contrasting pastels together to create a unique palette. If you want to start small, you can always incorporate a jacket  or long pastel layers with your everyday basics

Now, when it comes to trends; making your own is the best way to go. While trend reports are great guidelines, there is nothing like painting outside the box. It is one hell of a joy-ride. To mix-match trends, eras, hues, silhouettes, textures is an art in its own. The result can be truly unique and personalised. Another way to go is to find homegrown designers, NZ made gifts, NZ made accessories that are truly localised to the culture.  It can come together to create a wardrobe that won’t only last you through spring but will be fresh and relevant all year round.  

The easiest way to make a fashion statement is to not try too hard. Wear what you love, wherever you like it, whenever you want!

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