New Year? Time For A New Work Look

Here we are at the beginning of a New Year again, often a time when we want something new, a change perhaps. It could be that you’re thinking about a change related to work, whether that is a new job or career path, or perhaps you want to change up your style and mix up your look at work. In either case, this article will help as we will take a look at 10 different careers and some new dress options that you could adopt which we are will suit your work dress code.

  1. What you could wear if you are a Web Designer

When you’re sat behind a laptop anything can go in this environment from jeans and your favourite converse to trousers and nice tops. If, however you are going out to meet a client then opt for a skirt with a blazer or a dress to impress!

  1. What you could wear if you work in the Marketing Sector

A good option for this sector would be slim trousers with a nice cashmere jumper and a pair of heels – maybe in all black. If the weather is warm, then perhaps a pair of wedges and a summery dress. If your place of work is fairly informal then you could even wear jeans and pumps on the odd occasion where you may feel like dressing more casually.

  1. What you could wear if you are a Charity Worker

If you’re in a management position for a charity organisation then you’re probably going to need to wear a corporate uniform shirt or skirt/pants of some kind to look more formal and professional. This said, it doesn’t mean that you have to look boring as you can get creative and inject some colour into your clothes and avoid being in black/grey all the time. This is particularly so in the summer where you could choose to wear brighter skirts and blazers, finished off with a pair of statement earrings or a necklace. Try searching for corporate uniforms online to broaden your style.

  1. What you could wear if you Work Online

Perhaps you work for an online magazine and having your own style is something that is renowned. If you’re a girly girl then choose to wear dresses; long, mid length or even short. Opt for shoes in nude together with some cute accessories.

  1. What you could wear if you are in PR

Very rarely are two days the same when you work in PR but what is a necessity is that you look always look smart and professional. It could be that you’re meeting a client, in the office, or you are out and about in town, so you will need to create a look which is practical and stylish as well as smart. The options that you have available to you are: a pencil skirt and a blouse, a shift dress or if you want to feel a bit more relaxed then go for trousers and a blazer with flats, but it’s worth always having a pair of heels to hand for when you need then.

  1. What you could wear if you work an Office/ Construction

You may find that you spend fifty percent of your time in an office and the other fifty percent at a site, (which sounds like an ideal job, spending time both indoors and outdoors!) but don’t think that means you can’t always look great. Opt for trousers which are neutral in colour and shoes which are darker in colour so that they can be kept clean easily. Use your top to add some colour and if you’d like to go for a shirt look then stick to slim fit. If you can get away with a polo, then look for one which could be tucked in and purchase a belt which would match your shoes.

The days where you are on site, you will need to consider safety work wear such as hard hats, boots and ear muffs. On these days, remember to pick your outfits more accordingly.

  1. What you could wear if you are a Teacher

Aim for clothes which are flattering yet practical. Examples of these are black or charcoal wool and cashmeres for the winter, and white linen or cottons in the summer months. As for accessories, go for earrings and perhaps a nice watch.

  1. What you could wear if you are a Lawyer

In this position, aim for a feminine yet formal look. Perhaps skinny trousers in black, a silk blouse and tie. If the weather is cooler, then change to wear cashmere. Although you will need to look corporate, for your shoes you could select ballet pumps but have a pair of heels for when you may need them.

9. What you could wear if you are the Politics Sector

If it’s a day where you’re not involved in meetings then go for black denim. On those days where you are involved in meetings and need to look more formal choose a pencil skirt. Mix and match your tops and again keep heels to hand. You’ll need to avoid items such as t shirts, shorts and blue jeans.

  1. What you could wear if you Work in the Finance Sector

Usually you’ll see that people wear clothes that are stylish yet sensible in this sector. Your options are suits or dresses. You can jazz up your outfits with some interesting shoes, bright cardigans and attention-grabbing necklaces. You should steer clear of sandals, denim, low cut tops and very short skirts.

Hopefully you now have a variety of options to suit many different careers and situations. Ultimately, it’s worth remembering that your clothes reflect your personality and with this in mind you can embark on a new look which takes this into account and still remain practical, professional and smart.

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