Must Have Fashion For Spring 2017

That springtime feeling; the one where the sun shines on your face and it’s actually warm for the first time all winter. The feeling of the wind blowing through your hair and the freshness it brings. The feeling of wearing a short sleeved shirt for the first time, or being able to throw on your sportswear and go for a run outside instead of indoors on the treadmill.  

These feelings of spring are universal, and pretty much loved by everyone. Even if you are a winter lover, and are mourning the loss of your weekend ski trips or snowshoeing adventures, you probably still shudder in delight, just a little bit, at the feeling of a warm sun on your skin outside.

Spring represents more than just warmer temperatures and longer days, it also means a new start, a fresh start, and shedding those layers that you’ve been wearing all winter long. As you spring clean and start to get rid of clothing that is tired, falling apart, or doesn’t fit, it is also a perfect time to update your fashion for the new season of fashion.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a short list of your must have fashion for this Spring of 2017, for every part of your life, including work, your family, and your everyday wear. And to help you start getting rid of things to make room for all the fresh finds you purchase, try using a guide like this one for decluttering your closet.


For the guys out there, men’s work shirts are getting a little more exciting. Playing with stripes, bright colours, and patterns is all the rage for this spring. You can even push the patterns and stripes into pants as well, with checkered and other patterns becoming popular for your work trousers and pants. Balance off checkered pants with a solid shirt, keeping your shirt professional to play off the fun trousers.

Custom shirts continue to be a vital part of your wardrobe as well, for both men and women. The thing about custom shirts, is that it’s a perfect fitting shirt for you specifically, which makes it fashionable no matter what the season is or what the style is for this year. That makes a custom shirt one of your most valuable assets in your wardrobe, and appropriate for almost all occasions. You’ll be able to wear it for years to come, which more than makes up for its cost.

Women’s workwear clothing is also jazzing up a bit, with florals and statement stripes becoming more prevalent. Spring fashion is pushing towards more mixing and matching of really bold prints and patterns, even at work. Start with a simple floral top if you’re afraid of going bold, head to toe, and experiment with scarves and skirts as you gather the confidence.

Using neutrals and slightly see through clothing is also fashionable this spring. Using lots of layers, you can even make the see through fashion as part of your workwear. Use something like this guide to using sheer and see through at work, while staying work appropriate.  

Every day

Time to throw off that work blazer or perfect suit and tie and jump into the exciting world of this spring’s fashionable everyday wear! As mentioned above, florals and stripes are all the rage, so take this into your day to day wear as well. Go bold and try a long floral dress, or try mixing some bold colours on the top with a striped pair of pants.

To go in the opposite direction, earthy, minimalist clothing is also taking off this spring. Your brain may immediately jump to screaming “boring!”, when you hear the word minimalist, but hear us out. This spring’s minimalist trend is more about taking basic pieces like a long skirt or a cardigan, and adding subtle embellishments to turn it into something just a bit more exciting and unique.   

For men, being fun and playful with your wardrobe is totally acceptable these days. Patterns and bright colours are a safe bet with still staying on the playful side. If you really want to dial up the playfulness, try one of these celebrity fashion statements to get you started.


Chunky, statement jewelry continues to rule the fashion world. Anything from ladies watches to earrings can make a big splash on your outfit. If you’re doing a big statement necklace or earrings, make sure that the piece is the centre of your outfit, meaning that it’s not overshadowed with other statement pieces on the rest of your body. Always dress with one centrepiece item, and complement it with the rest of your outfit.

Bags and purses that are embellished, or have some pizazz to them are also in for this spring. Using a simple bag, but having a patterned or embellished strap, will be popular all summer. In addition, bags tied to the waist, (yes, just like those old fanny packs you used to wear), are making a comeback.

The rest of your family

Boutique baby clothing stores are popping up all over the place, and there’s a good reason for it. With guarantees that large chain stores often can’t make, like containing non toxic ingredients or supplies,  clothing that’s made locally made, or even just incredibly unique items, boutique stores are winning at the baby game.

Since they are more common than ever before, you can find plenty of options and well within your price range by doing a quick Google search of stores in your area. With lots of online stores as well, you’ll be dressing your baby and/or children in unique, local, and quality clothing in no time.

Now that the warmer weather is here and you’ve got some room in your closet, you’re ready to take what you’ve learned here and visit your favourite stores. There’s nothing quite like finding a perfect new outfit for the spring, and getting to flaunt it for the rest of the season, so start now and get shopping!

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