Job Interview? Look The Part With These Tips

Your job interview is just around the corner and its natural to feel a bit nervous and anxious about it. But know this, it’s of great importance to project a sense of confidence and present yourself as someone capable of the job throughout the course of your interview. One way this can be demonstrated is through your dressing. Dressing the part is also as important as writing an application letter. The way you dress for your job interview says a lot about your personality. Even though you answer every interview question correctly and perfectly qualified for the job, you might not land the job if you’re not dressed appropriately

The interview is where your hard work pays off and you get the opportunity to impress the hiring manager. Make the most of the following tips to help you look your best for your job interview. 


Comfort plays an important role in interviews. It can be easy for the hiring manager to spot any sign of nervousness or discomfort. Your discomfort can be as a result of the wrong choice of shoes or attire, which they are not aware of. This could leave them assuming you lack confidence and experience. To ensure you’re most comfortable during your interview, avoid putting on anything that will bring discomfort. You will need to focus on getting your answers right rather than trying to adjust an ill-fitting dress or moving restlessly because your shoe is too tight. 

It’s advisable to have a dress-rehearsal a few days before the interview, to ensure your attire is comfortable and suitable for the occasion. If you’re wearing new shoes, break in them a few days before the interview. If there is a required dress code, shop for designer women’s clothing that will match the dress requirement.


As you select the outfit for your interview, you also have to bear the colour in mind. You don’t want to have the hiring manager focusing on your red pleated shirt rather than focusing on you. Avoid clothes with busy patterns and select solid colours that suit your taste without having a loud or dull look. Red, for example can have an overpowering effect on the hiring manager. You could be perceived as an aggressive person or one with an attitude. 

Instead of busy patterns, choose solid colors that reflect your personality but aren’t too loud or too dull. Rather than choosing red or orange, go for standard business colours that reveal warmth. One popular colour choice of interview outfit is black, because it’s a commanding colour that shows a stance of authority. Another option is dark blue, it makes you seem well composed, trustworthy and secure.


It may not always be necessary to go with a suit and tie or other professional outfit. Some job requirements do not include a formal attire. You should aim to make a good impression with the interview dress code. One way you can avoid embarrassment is through thorough research. Speak with local recruiters that are knowledgeable in the industry and can guide your outfit decisions. 

Another occasion to bear in mind and prepare for weather and climate. A thin sleeveless dress cloth may not be suitable during the colder winters. Wearing a dress sweater over the dress would be more appropriate for the climate. However, if you’re stuck in a hot climate, avoid wearing a stuffy dress that will make you really uncomfortable. Dress the part while ensuring you are as comfortable as possible. Remember to select clothes that suit the weather and climate. Lastly, make time to conduct a thorough research of the industry to determine the most suitable attire.


Right from the moment you walk through the door, an impression is instantly made by the style of outfit. Nothing makes a bad impression faster than an outdated interview attire that doesn’t resonate with the day’s dress code. You don’t necessarily have to wear the current fad, just avoid wearing clothes that have lasted up to five years. Putting on fresh styles that are in vogue sends a good impression and sends the message that you are up-to-date with the here and now. At this point, it doesn’t mean you have to go looking too fresh and casual. Even though hiring managers want to see trendy fresh styles and know you are a part of the current system, they also don’t want to see nose rings, flashy neck chains,casual sandals, flip-flops or looking like you are going to the club. Wearing fresh styles without going extra is a better way to go.


A polished appearance sends the message that you pay attention to detail. Make sure your shoes are polished properly. A good shine signifies that you are dedicated to success and presentation. Apply the same approach when it comes to your hair, get a professional hair straightening to give your hair a neat overall appearance. Another detail you should pay attention to is the fragrances. Go easy on them, stick to neutral scents that are not choking. You want to leave the hiring manager focusing on your performance and not on your perfume or aftershave. 

Keep jewellery simple, avoid wearing rings with too much bling for they can easily catch the light and cause distraction. Sterling silver rings without too much stones are considerable options. You can purchase one at any New Zealand jewellery store closeby. Finally, apply the same approach when it comes to your wristwatch, Go with women watch brands that are classy and not too flashy.


What you wear to a job interview may seem like a small factor in the larger context of landing a job but creating a good impression with your outfit is of more importance than you imagine. Your choice of clothing is completely within your control, so why wouldn’t you make it possible to look the part? 

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