How To Use Your Jewellery In Multiple Ways

Jewels. We love to watch them, make them, buy them, and wear them. But too often we do it the old way. Are they any other manners to wear them than what was taught to us by our mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers? With what can we highlight them? How many can we wear at the same time? Here are our (good) tips for wearing your jewellery in multiple ways!

Mix different styles

The contemporary style-mixing trend is reflected in decor (e.g. the ceramic bird wall decor), fashion (e.g. the androgyne look), and also in jewellery! Do not hesitate to associate your precious jewels with costume jewellery. For instance, diamond wedding band with a big fancy ring, gold bracelets with fabric bracelets or thick natural wood bracelets…

You can also wear pretty chic jewellery on a masculine outfit to play the ultra-trendy masculine-feminine side. You have all the right to adore a long necklace set with an emerald as much as a fancy beaded bracelet. Or to wear them together! Imagine yourself with a 21st birthday keys for guys. Isn’t shock yet chic?

You can also play with colours. Create a superposition of necklaces of different styles and colours on a simple plain top. Create a monochrome with several bracelets matched from the lightest to the darkest. Mix earrings, a necklace and a few bracelets and avoid the look “jewels adornment”. It’s a trend, but more likely to be seen in the 1990’s movies.

Jewel or jewellery?

As with everything, quantity does not make quality. You should always choose to wear one or more jewels according to your desires, and your tastes.

A single beautiful jewel, necklace or family bracelet for example, will enhance any outfit. On an outfit loaded with colours, patterns, ruffles, a jewel is enough to put the finishing touches on a look.

On a simple look, a solid summer dress for example, a multitude of jewels will bring a sophisticated and trendy side. You can also appreciate the Barracuda look (Mister T. in “The A-Team”) or the American rapper’s look… The only rule is to have fun! Use your old New Zealand gifts for a quirky touch.

Choose your jewellery according to the occasion

Whether you buy jewellery to go to work or to attend a wedding reception, your choice will not be the same and this is especially true vis-à-vis the material and look of the jewel in general.

Thus, for your daily life, keep it simple. To do this, the choice of simple buckles, a sleek watch and a discreet necklace will do just fine. However, if you plan to wear them to go clubbing or on vacation, you can let go on the colours and even dare extravagance.

In short, when choosing your jewel, it is important to keep in mind that you are unique in order to identify the one of your dreams.

Choose your own jewellery yourself!

The challenge of choosing your jewel lies in the difficulty of finding the right one for the occasion and the season without giving up on your fashion identity. With this in mind, in order to make an appropriate choice, it is important to combine all of these criteria to find the chain, the watch or the earrings that will fit.

First, choose a jewellery according to your style. Your style must be the main factor to choose your jewel and it must imperatively reflect your look and your trends. If possible, it should match with all your outfits.

So, if you are more focused on the casual or sporty style, it does not make sense to choose the classic gold earrings. If instead, you tend to go towards the distinguished and the chic models, it would be incoherent to acquire multi-coloured fantasy bracelets.

This might seem obvious, but this is always good to remember that. Beware, matching your jewellery to your clothes does not mean wearing jewellery that is the exact same colour as your clothes. But do take into account the shape and style of your clothing to choose jewellery.

With a turtleneck, you can choose a jumper, for example. If you want to shift to a more classic look, add one or more big jewels. With a loose hairstyle, you can choose beautiful earrings. On a neckline, you can wear a plastron, etc.

But do avoid wearing a thin necklace that will follow the neckline of your top. It would not be seen. Similarly, forget the earrings if you wear your long hair loose. Avoid long women sleeve shirts if you intend to wear bracelets… We would not see them (enough) either. The goal of wearing jewellery is to make you look beautiful, so we have to see them.

Pay attention to your features when choosing the jewellery of your dreams

You should also choose your jewellery according to your complexion and morphology. Your choice will be appropriate if it takes into account the season and the colour of your skin, So, if you are brown or tanned during the summer, choose gold metal jewellery that can contrast it. On the other hand, if you have a clear complexion, direct your choice towards diamond or silver jewellery instead.

Depending on whether you are tall, small or round, your necklaces and watches must be perfectly suited to your body type. If you have a round face, it is advisable to go more towards dangling and thin loops. If you have sharp features, avoid such jewels because they accentuate the oval effect of the face. Prefer non-pendent models.

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