How To Choose The Perfect Work Wardrobe

Whether it’s your first day, or your ten thousandth one, finding the right outfit for a day at work can be frustrating. You might look at your closet multiple times, maybe pulling out an outfit or two and holding them up, then put it back after some careful consideration. If you’re really having a hard time deciding that day, you might even try on a few outfits and check them out in the mirror, before deciding it’s not the right one for that day and trying on another. In the worst case scenario, you go so far as walking out the door in that dress, and have to turn around because you’ve changed your mind yet again. On top of all of that, both men and women’s fashion are constantly changing and what you own now may not be fashionable in the next decade, or even next year.
We’ve all been there, and we’ve all been annoyed every time it happens. While it’s almost impossible to avoid at least some decision in our morning routine, or evening if you’re proactive enough to choose your workwear the night before, there are some things you can do to make sure that you have a nearly perfect work wardrobe to lessen your angst.
Designer clothing
First off, buy designer clothing! This is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your wardrobe and make a statement every time you wear a designer piece to work. Having designer clothing is a lot more than being stylish and fashionable, however, it’s about investing in a piece.
If you buy cheap and poor quality clothes, it’s a lot easier to continue buying them whether you need it or not. Your brain sends a positive signal that the item is cheap, and the reward is high for the small price, so you purchase it. Buying designer means the item will be more expensive, and you’ll need to weigh the price versus your desire for the item more carefully.
Designer clothing will also typically be made carefully and is built to withstand the test of time. Quality is important in designer clothing, which means that you’ll get more wear out of a designer piece than anything else. Besides that, designer clothes are often made to wear down well. As in, a pair of jeans or a leather jacket will actually end up looking better with time. The investment you make in these items means not only will you appreciate it more after spending the extra money, but you’ll have the opportunity to wear it for a long time to come.
Mix and match
One of the absolute best ways to make your wardrobe versatile and easy to choose from every day is to buy items that can easily mix and match with others. So many people have problems with finding items  that look amazing on their own, but struggle finding accessories or other parts of the outfit to go with it. What often ends up happening is that you wear the piece once, and then it sits in your closet for an eternity, waiting to be resurrected.
Avoid these issues by buying clothes that can be worn with all kinds of different outfits. Find colours that are complementary, and try to buy within your current colour wheel so you can wear your whole wardrobe together.
With enough planning, it’s very possible that you can have way fewer items of clothing, but still have a significant amount of options to choose from. This means that you can stop buying cheaper clothing just to match with the random things in your closet, and focus on those high quality designer pieces instead. It also means having to spend less, and go shopping less often.
Choose versatility  
It can be really frustrating to shop for work clothes. Sometimes it feels like you’re only shopping for work clothes, and buying something just for yourself is a thing of the past. You can actually avoid having to split your wardrobe between work and non work clothes, however, by simply only buying items that can multitask.
Buy items that can easily transition from daywear to nightwear by having a couple of key pieces like blazers, cardigans, and vests. This way, that tank top that you’ve been eyeing, or that sleeveless dress  that you absolutely need, can be worn at work with a classic black blazer or perhaps a cardigan.
With men’s workwear, you can easily choose sweaters, polos, and even suit coats that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. A pair of jeans with a black or grey suit coat, or a sweater paired with dress pants can be appropriate for both evening dinners, parties, or even happy hours, as well as  corporate uniform attire.
Buy custom
A lot of us buy clothes that don’t fit us perfectly. We fall in love with a style or a fabric or a price and just have to have it, regardless of the slightly too short sleeve, or the waist that is a little too large. We get it home, excitedly, only to be constantly disappointed every time we wear it to work. The only way to truly avoid clothes that don’t fit is to have them custom made.
While this sounds a bit extravagant for some of us, the truth is, custom made lasts longer and fits you so well that you won’t want to wear anything not made especially for you. One extremely important custom made item is a custom made suit. Suits can easily look less professional and ill fitting when even one small part of it doesn’t fit well, so finding a reputable tailor will be one of the best investments in your wardrobe.

Using these tips will not only make it easier to choose your outfit every morning, but it will save you tons of money and time spent shopping that you can use for other things. Remember to always take inventory of what you already have before shopping, and don’t be afraid to splurge on high quality items, and you’ll be on your way to a stress free wardrobe every day.

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