How Fashion Runways Affect Sports And Workwear

Runway, high-street brands, street style, workwear and sportswear; all seem like they function independent of each other with minor overlaps. The reality could not be any further. Runways reflect street-style, and vice versa, it then trickles down to high-street brands, which in turn make their way into our wardrobe as gym/sportswear, casual wear, evening wear, workwear, so on and so forth. It is impossible to look at all these elements in isolation. They all affect one another. Designer design to attract buyers, buyers buy as per street-style trends.

Urban estates such as Manhattan and Tokyo may seem to have no regards to outdoor sports and markets that serve them. However, the same does not hold true to all markets. Mark Woodman, a trend forecaster with the Colour Marketing Group, says that the urban trends influence runway couture, which in turn sways industries such as home design and outdoors. “The fashion world is good at reading the street”. Says Woodman. Which is why top designers pay close attention to what the masses are wearing in diverse urban hubs right from Canada, Vancouver to Rio de Janeiro Brazil, to read the entire article, click here

If one were to research the roots of  ‘leggings’ they date back to the 14th century, which was mostly worn by men. 1950, Audrey Hepburn adopted tighter pant silhouettes, which were quite similar to modern-day leggings. With the invention of Lycra or Spandex in the year 1960, the trend of leggings took onto runways in the 60’s decade, with Emilio Pucci and Mary Quant pairing them with mod dresses. 70’s-80’s with the rock revolution, leggings become the uniform of the fashion savvy. It took on a whole studio 54 vibe, with the material being shiny and often colourful. In the 1990s it made an appearance here or there, with its final re-appearance in 2015-16. This year not only saw the advent of leggings, but this is when sportswear crossed over to the realm of Fashion. It even got its own term – Athleisure. Athleisure is defined as “ a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as at the workplace, at school, or at other casual or social occasions.

When it comes to work wear; 2013 saw designers like Jason Wu, Diane von Furstenberg, Micheal Kors and others give casual Fridays’ an upstreet makeover. Come 2017, the runway was beaming with workwear-inspired fashion statements, with designers like Isabel Marant, Celine, John Galliano and others joining in. As of today, the runways continue to affect sportswear and work uniforms.

Let’s look at some of the emerging trends from 2018, everything from netball ring jerseys to custom  T-shirts; boardroom to casual Friday and everything in between.

From a market perspective, let’s look at what will happen to active wear in 2018, will it continue to grow or decline, this article by does a comprehensive study.

Now forget the numbers and let’s look at some trends…

This article from The Sun looks at some celebrity favourites (Bella and Gigi Hadid) and the latest crop on the runway. It shows how high street leggings and bombers can transition easily from the gym to brunch wear. The slit track pants steal the show.

Let’s look at some street style examples. Loose tracks with snug turtlenecks with trenches and heels make for a perfect winter outfit. A blazer is given a brazen upgrade by pairing it with chunky sneakers. Dainty sweater gets some street cred when paired with flaming track pants.  A hoodie under that chic trench coat immediately lends it some louche vibes.

Sneakers have taken the spotlight and how. They are paired with pretty much any and every outfit there is. Take this above-mentioned article, for instance, we see sneakers being paired with delicate tulle skirts, couture garments and other runway favourites.

This article from ‘Well and Good’ explores key trends in the athleisure sphere. The matching set, metallic and sheer fabric, pastels and primary colours etc are some of the trends featured in the report.

Now let’s look at workwear…

We have an article that helps you wear your summer staple – The sun dress into the boardroom. Instyle has nine different options selected for you. We’ve noticed accessorising is the key when it comes to this trend. Think simple work suitcases and heels or delicate florals with a power blazer. This is just to get you started.

Our second favourite is the power suit and short combo. Ditch the traditional two –set for this summer-friendly alternative. Co-ords are in this summer, and this extends to power suits as well. Keep the accessorizing to a minimum and let the suit do all the talking. This combination makes an easy transition from the boardroom to a relaxed dinner with friends.

Here are 9 outfit ideas to wear for an interview. These outfit ideas are inspired from street-style’s coolest women and some industry experts. It is the right mix of formal and fun. These 9 outfits are sure to have you ready for just about any job interview conceivable.

This article will put your ‘what -should –I-wear-to-work’ questions to rest. Here are 5 outfit combos to build up from. These are staples found in everyone’s closet. The trick is to mix and match and create new outfits every day. This should have you sorted for the week and with a little imagination the next one as well.

Speaking of staples…

Blazer is a boardroom must have, here are 5 ways to don this favourite without it getting boring. These outfits are simple yet sophisticated for client presentation, group meeting and even casual Fridays.

Now that we have your work look sorted, let’s move on to casual Fridays. This is one day of the week where you can let your hair down and welcome the weekend ahead with open arms. Here are not one, not two, but 15 ideas to make casual Fridays extra special.

We hope we’ve given you enough insight and inspiration to start of your gym and work journey by putting your best fashion foot forward.

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