From The Gym To The Streets – How To Wear It Right

For many years, sportswear has been confined to the gym, sports facility, and joggers park, starting 2015 they’ve taken to the streetwear with a trend called ‘Athleisure’. Athleisure. Athleisure is defined as “ a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as at the workplace, at school, or at other casual or social occasions by Wikipedia. Leggings have made their way to the boardroom and the sneakers for client pitches. Bombers are no longer worn to the parks along with other sportswear, they are now donned with dresses and thrown over work clothes for a more casual outcome. Just like the boom in baby fashion, sportswear and sports equipment are having its time in the sun. The invention of lycra fabric was monumental on this front. It led to the invention of leggings which took over the streets like a sandstorm. This is just one trend, there are several others that deserve a worthy mention, let’s look at some of them.

With regards to work wear; 2013 saw a major moment with designers like Jason Wu, Diane von Furstenberg, Micheal Kors and others give casual Fridays’ an athleisure makeover. Circa 2017, the runway was filled with workwear-inspired fashion pieces, with designers like Isabel Marant, Celine, John Galliano and others joining the moment and making it even more powerful. At present, the runways continue to affect sportswear and work uniforms across the globe, what it also in turn affects is what people are taking to the streets; as most people oscillate between work and casual wear, what is adopted in the work environment slowly makes it way into their evening wear as well.  

Let’s have a look at some of the upcoming trends this year, It covers everything from netball ring jerseys to custom sports T-shirts; all over print apparel, Monday meetings to casual Friday and everything in between.

To get a market perspective, let’s delve into what will happen to active wear in 2018? Will, it is on the rise or will it slowly decline? The article by does a comprehensive study does a comprehensive study on this topic.  Let’s move on from the numbers to some trends.

This article from the publication, ‘The Sun’ looks at some favourites amongst the celebs (Bella and Gigi Hadid) and the latest crop of models on the runway. It showcases how versatile high street leggings and bombers are and how easily they can transition from the gym to brunch wear. The slit track pants, however, steal the spotlight.

Here are some classic some street style examples. Loose tracks paired with snug turtlenecks and trenches, this, when combined with heels, make for a perfect winter outfit. A blazer is lent a brazen take by pairing it with rugged sneakers. Delicate sweater gathers some street cred when paired with louche track pants.  A hoodie worn under that classic trench coat immediately lends it some casual vibes.

Sneakers have taken the centre stage and how! They adapt to almost any outfit, it can be paired with pretty much every outfit imaginable. Take this aforementioned article, for instance, it showcases sneakers being worn with delicate tulle skirts, delicate couture pieces and other popular runway pieces

This article from the publication, ‘Well and Good’ displays key trends in the athleisure space. The matching co-ords, metallic paired with sheer fabric, pastels and other primary colours etc are few of the trends featured in the report.

Here’s an article from Vogue that looks at celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian and many others take sportswear to the streets, we see them baring sports pair with a casual combo of a shirt and shorts, another one layers a hooded dress with a sporty jacket. Tracks with cropped tops. One key takeaway is to select one statement piece and then pair it with everyday staples such as shorts, shirts, denim etc.

Now not everyone speaks fashion jargon, to make it easy, here are 5 rules will break it down for you. Cosmo does an excellent job of compiling them. To summarise – Keep a lookout for trendy or statement pieces, add a bunch of accessories to elevate the look, go light on the makeup, mix classics with sporty pieces, and pay attention to textures and fabrics, when all fails, turn to celebrities for inspiration. They have a team of experts putting together these looks – no harm in learning from them.

This article on the blog ‘PureWow’ shares some interesting insights on the trend, and ways to wear it. To summarize, here are some cardinal rules – Always go for a neutral palette, Play with different types of materials, textures and silhouettes, make sure the sneakers are not to run down, don’t adorn your dirty gym sneakers, invest in a new pair for casual days out, experiment with different sporty pieces, if you want to go a little extra, pair them together to create a stunning look, Keep in line with your personality, wear sportswear with some of your favourite everyday pieces.

A few other tips that can come in handy are

  • Go for easy breathable fabrics, though lycra and other synthetic materials dominate the market; there are some brands create quality sportswear in organic fabrics. Invest in them
  • Basics will go a long way – always go for them. Tracks, Sneakers, Bombers, Sports watches etc
  • Always dress for the occasion, though it will pass for most of  them, some occasions are a no go – funerals, weddings, first interviews are a few of the occasions where going traditional is the best way
  • Layering is the key when in doubt, pair your everyday outfit with bomber jackets. It works the other way around as well, you can pair your favourite tracksuit with a denim or structured blazer for a finished look
  • Accessorize, but with caution. Don’t go overboard. A few pieces will do the trick.

Keep these pointers in mind when incorporating sports wear in your everyday wardrobe. When done right they can add some serious fashion cred to your kitty.

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