Change Your Look Up This Summer With These Simple Steps.

So, you want to change your look up for the summer but don’t know where to start? No need to hire a personal shopper! Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be queen under the sun!

  1. Change your dressing style

Dressing up is like making a statement. And you don’t want to make one that doesn’t match your identity! So, first of all, you will need to define your dressing style.

You can choose a totally different style or keep the same and modify it. It sometimes takes very little to make a difference. So, go shopping and buy clothes that you would never have worn before. Dare to change up your style!

The development of online shopping has multiplied the choices for clothes, and gave you time to dream and imagine your potential styles when looking for dresses online.

  1. Change your makeup

All women have a makeup habit that they tend to always keep. Once we’ve found what’s right for us, why even change it? On the other hand, sometimes a little change can do a lot. Try new colours and new tones. If you usually wear little makeup, dare a little more colour. If you’re heavily made up, try more natural tones. You can also try a more glamorous, sexier or more glowing tone. You can also emphasise features of your face that you usually don’t.

You should try and adapt your makeup to the range of colours you decided upon in a first step. For this, take into account the shape of your face. A make-up class can teach you some basics. It will allow, once at home, to copy the tricks of professional make-up artists.

A good idea for a cheap makeover is to wait until you need a refill in cosmetics and go shopping. In many makeup chains stores, from a certain amount of purchase, they make you up, and advise you for free. This is an opportunity to pick good ideas for home! Of course, nothing prevents you to test an extreme makeover at home – based on tutorials – or just let your creativity speak.

  1. Change your hair

Do you have long hair? Why don’t you cut it? Your hair is stiff, curl it! Do you have a short haircut? Then put down some extensions! Add hair strands, change your hair colour, try a completely different style. Your look will be easily transformed!

We always recommend going to a professional hairdresser. Depending on the shape of your face, your complexion, your eyes and your personality, he or she will teach you which hairstyles and tell you which hair colour you will suit you best. Go for a keratin complex if you want your hair to shine bright!

  1. Use accessories to change your look

Changing a few accessories can also help you change your look radically. Belts, jewellery, handbags, hair accessories, anything can work! Simple accessories can make a big difference to your overall style. If you want to look grunge, just get yourself a gold skull ring! If you want to look like a well-travelled person, take out your NZ souvenirs.

  1. Buy new shoes

The shoes you wear should adapt to the style and also modify your look. Do you want to look taller and slimmer? The high heel shoes will help you. Do you want a sportier look? Running shoes will be perfect! Every look has its shoe! Traditional look, classic, sporty, sexy, natural, western, punk, gothic, etc.

  1. Wear coloured lenses or glasses

Even if your vision is good, you can wear coloured contact lenses. You will have a new pair of eyes to bring out your gaze and make a beautiful contrast with your hair. Why don’t you try beautiful purple eyes, green or blue? Same thing for glasses. They can bring a certain style to your look. You can buy a pair of non-corrective glasses to simply accentuate or change your style.

  1. Browse fashion magazines

To change your look, make sure that you have enough material to get you inspired. One cannot choose a new look without inspiration, model or idea in the head. To find such things, what better than reading fashion magazines! There you will spot the new trends, learn all sorts of things and will be able to compare the different possible looks!

  1. Ask your friends for advice

It is sometimes good to ask the opinion of others. We usually don’t see ourselves as others see us. The others see us in real time, moving, from all angles and all profiles. We see ourselves only through the mirror and that’s it. To make sure you do not blunder, it is better to ask for advice before radically changing your look and appearance.

  1. Use a makeover software

Several websites and applications to try a new look exist. They will allow you to use your own photos to try new hairstyles as well as new makeup in different backgrounds such as ceramic bird wall decor. Fast, easy to use and above all very effective, they will give you a good idea of ​​the result. To try one for free, you can download YouCam.

  1. Feel ready

To change your look, you have to be ready to wake up the next day with a new person in front of the mirror. Of course, this is for those who greatly change their look. To do this, you have to feel ready for the novelty and see it as a change that will do a lot of good both to your morale and your self-esteem. From experience, it usually feels super good to change your look and will give you that boost you’re looking for! 


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