Best Better Late Than Never Gift Ideas

So, we’ve all done it, you’ve made a mental note of that upcoming birthday, anniversary, wedding present that you need to get and before you’ve realised it’s the weekend of that special day! Thankfully we live in an era where the internet is our saviour and round the clock deliveries are available at the click of a button!

There’s no need to panic, grab your laptop and have a look through our list of ‘better late than never’ gift ideas to suit all.

Gifts for A Spouse/Partner

  • Gel Pillow – A perfect gift for him and her for who like their beauty sleep.  These pillows are usually made from an indulgent gel fibre and tend to come in a pack of two so you can both enjoy this luxury together.
  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker – The majority of us need that morning coffee boost to kick start the day and cold brew is fast becoming a popular trend in the world of coffee. So why not treat your loved one to a cold brew coffee maker and you can sit back and sip cold coffee together.
  • E-reader – If your loved one enjoys reading then perhaps consider an e–reader as a gift option for them to enjoy. Look out for an e reader that’s equipped with the following options: adaptive light, auto page turner or a high-resolution display. Check out this list of the best e-readers right now.
  • Amazon Tap – A perfect gift that you can enjoy together, the Amazon Tap. With this device, using audio commands you can play those songs that you both love and the device also has Alexa, the voice activated service. If you have a Spotify account then you can even stream any playlists that you have saved.

General Gifts for A Man

  • A Beard Kit – So a nice beard takes some work and some looking after. If this person is sporting a beard then a beard kit is a great present to keep his beard well groomed.  Many of these kits include a beard oil, a beard wash and a beard conditioner and sometimes a comb and scissors to help with the maintenance.
  • A Fitness Tracker – These wearable pieces of sports equipment in NZ have become very popular devices and are a great way to encourage and keep a track of your health. These devices come with many features such as heart rate monitor, different exercise options and sleep tracking.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Speaker –  If you know a music lover then a Bluetooth speaker is an ideal gift. The kinds of features that you should look out for are; waterproof ability, rechargeable battery, charges with USB, durability and sound quality. Here are some of the best bluetooth speakers to choose from.
  • A DIY Hot Sauce Kit – If this man is a foodie then this could be a perfect choice. Hot sauce kits usually come with various bottles of hot sauce, Plastic squeezy bottles, glass bottles, gloves, PH strips and funnels. Enjoy watching this ‘chemist’ create authentic tasting sauces from mild to super-hot.

General Gifts for A Woman

  • A Personalised Pocket Watch – So this special lady may love jewellery, and you opt for a watch. However, women’s watches are a minefield, there are so many to choose from so why not opt for something different. A personalised pocket watch is stylish, classy and can offer that personal touch. Other New Zealand women’s watches can also make a great gift.  
  • A Hot Stone Therapy Gift – If you’re looking for a stress busting gift then this gift isideal. In general, such gifts can contain candles, massage oils and of course the pebbles. An ideal present to create a luxury spa in the comfort of your own home.
  • Sound Asleep Pillow– If you looking for more of a techie gift then this may be your answer. These pillows allow you to fall asleep to music without the need for headphones as the pillows come with inbuilt speakers. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy listening to music, you can listen to an audio book instead.

Gifts for A Child

  • A Personalised Robe – When it comes to buying designer kid’s clothes, the world really is your oyster. There’s so much to choose from but you may feel like you’re wanting something different. A personalised bath robe could be a nice cosy option in this case. A cute and snuggly personalised bath robe is a great gift to make bath and bedtime ever more special.
  • Fingerlings Baby Monkey – One of the most wanted toys to hit the market recently, all kids will love these cute miniature monkeys which hang off your finger. Aside of this these little monkeys are able to respond to motion, touch and sound by moving their heads, blinking their eyes and babbling away in cute little monkey sounds. Blow your fingerling a kiss and they’ll kiss you back. Fingerlings are available in a range of colours including blue, purple, white and pink.
  • Hatchimals – CollEGGtibles – If it’s a present for a child over five then these are a great gift option. By ‘hatching’ the egg you will find a special little character. To hatch the egg all you need to do is press the purple heart which will eventually turn pink. As they are collectibles, children can enjoy collecting a full set.
  • Tooth Fairy Pillow – If this gift is for a child who is at the age of losing their teeth then this is a perfect gift idea. These pillows are made from fabric and usually have a small pocket on the front for the lost tooth and coins to be placed in. The pillow can then sit nicely at the bottom of the bed waiting for its special visitor. Alternatively, if you’re feeling crafty and adventurous and want to make this gift extra special then you could have a go at making one of these instead of purchasing it. It will just require a trip to a range of NZ fabric stores so that you can choose the fabric that you like and some simple sewing skills.

So, there you have it! Hopefully we’ve given you plenty of food for thought and now you can relax as your late gift nightmare is all over!

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