A Last Minute Online Gift Buying Guide

You thought you still had time, but now all that’s left in the stores are the things that no one wants, and the lack of choices isn’t really helping the last minute panic that you are in! Well, fret not; we’ve all been there. There are times when work, social obligations or simply procrastination got in the way of picking out the perfect gifts for family and friends. Lucky for us, in this age of the internet and express delivery, we can still get off the hook with amazing gifts to share at the very last minute. All you need to know is where to look, and that’s where we come in. We’ve listed down a bunch of ideas that will help you save face this Christmas, and no one will know it was a hasty purchase, but you!

Let’s take a look.  

Digital gifts are a blessing for anyone who hates shopping and standing in queues. All you have to do is go online, find a gift card that your loved one will dig, pay the fee and you’re all set. No waiting for the delivery, and no fuss! There is plenty to choose from; the internet is a treasure trove that keeps giving. Some of the options available are:  

  1. iTunes Gift Card: Any iPhone user, with love for music, will deeply appreciate this gift. The vast music library is at their dispense, they can look up their favourite artists or discover new ones, all at the touch of a button.
  2. Netflix Gift Card: Does your loved one enjoy binging on latest shows? Then what’s better than gifting him/her a subscription to the biggest content streaming site! They’ll be more than happy to receive the free subscription, plus the thought that went behind it. Though Netflix cards are not available in NZ, it’s still a great gifting option for your sibling who is studying in Australia, US or in Western Europe!
  3. E-books: Anyone who has a Kindle will appreciate a good e-book! You can find out what is on their reading list and simply email them their gift; it doesn’t get easier than this.
  4. Audio Books: A step up from e-books, audiobooks are perfect to gift to your older relatives who have trouble reading. You can also gift them to a friend who undertakes a long commute to work; this will only make their commute much more satisfying.

Look in your own backyard

Every country has something unique. Even if it is something that is routine for you, it is still exotic and something new for your relatives overseas. New Zealand gifts online are something they will definitely appreciate. It is also a great way to introduce them to the culture of your country. The fact that they are online and most likely to have international shipping is a blessing in disguise, so even if you pick the gift at the very last minute you can always blame the international shipping for the delay! Here’s where you can source some Kiwiana items from.

Gift an experience

Memories last a lot longer than seasonal gifts. Concert tickets, a day at a spa, tickets to a play, gift cards from theatre chains are all thoughtful presents, which don’t require too much planning. Also, the fact that the actual event is six months down the line wouldn’t really matter!

Gift a service

The beauty of this gift is, it barely takes a few minutes to book, yet is extremely thoughtful. An annual subscription to monthly cleaning services will be deeply appreciated by someone who’s just had a baby or by aging parents. Dog walking services will help your friend who spends long hours at work and needs someone to take care of his/her buddy at home. Lawn mowing services will be appreciated by your grandparents who find it difficult to do laborious tasks. A food delivery service can help your young cousin, niece or nephew who has just moved to their college, and who will appreciate the well-cooked meals. Within minutes you would have made someone’s life a lot easier!

Make your own gift

No we don’t mean the DIY necklace from Pinterest. You can create your own personal basket with simple stuff that you can find at your local supermarket. A beautiful looking basket with gourmet coffee, chocolates, biscuits, and some mugs will make the perfect gift for any of your work friends or distant relatives. You can also customise it to their liking, and even though making one is simple, the outcome is sure to please your family and friends.

Amazon Prime to the rescue

If you are a prime member, make the most of the express delivery option that delivers the product within a day or sometimes the very same day. Find a gift from the prime offerings that is truly reflective of the receiver’s personality, make the purchase and then wait for it to be delivered. If you purchase it as a gift you can even add a personalised message with it! Gift a set of puzzles to your younger relatives who are fond of puzzles or get a bedside lamp for someone who loves to read. Gift meditation CDs to someone who is into yoga. And of course the ultimate offering would be Amazon’s very own Alexa!

Last resort, gift cards!

If your loved one is someone who loves shopping, this is a gift that will make them super happy. Most retail brands sell their gift cards online and are pretty simple to buy. You can find pretty much anything under the sun – watches for men, designer bags,  wearable art bracelets from NZ; just about anything a shopping buff would love. You can also, for instance, buy designer earrings online, customise it by adding a birthstone or a motif that your relative holds dear, this way once again you can make up for the lack of initiative on your end by making the gift one of a kind and unique. They will kindly overlook the delay for a gift that is personalised for them!

These are some go-to ideas for all the last minute shoppers out there, and we hope this will make the holiday season slightly less stress-free!

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