7 Simple Rules To Buying The Right Jewellery This Season

The holiday season is all about spending time with the family and sharing amazing food. But, it is also about the gifts! Now, we’ve all experienced the holiday season panic of finding the right gift for our loved ones. We want to gift them something they’ll remember forever, and nothing says forever like jewellery. Now obviously we don’t suggest buying jewellery for your entire clan, but the special someone in your life does deserve something little sparkly.

Also, it’s always good to treat yourself to a beautiful Bijoux, and the holiday season is the perfect time to get away from ‘watches for me’ shopping fixes and venture into something more intricate. So if you are onboard with the idea of gifting jewellery or are looking for something dreamy for a special someone, you’ve come to the right place. We will share 7 simple tips to buy the right jewellery this holiday season.


Knowing the trends comes in handy in picking out the best jewellery the year has got to offer. For instance, this season it is all about going big – architectural pieces are in. This will give you a starting point on what to buy, and where to buy it from. If your loved one is someone who loves fashion and follows the trends, they are sure to appreciate the effort you went through to get them the latest ‘IT’ piece. What also makes this exercise special is, when researching you come across niche designer jewellery brands that are new in the market, and have some amazing pieces at some really great prices. As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm.


If you want a gift that is as unique as the person you love, bespoke jewellery is the way to go. This way to can really make it to their taste and give it personal touches – such as a loving message, make it in the shape of a souvenir from somewhere you travelled together, or simply something that reminds them of an intimate memory or an inside joke with you. These pieces will last forever regardless of trends as it is something that is one of a kind and is tailored to their personality. There is no doubt they will love the piece and the thought that went behind it. Many big retail brands also provide this service. You can go to them with a specific reference or just a notion in mind, and they will help you realise it into a beautiful piece. This way the piece will be a mark of your creativity and is sure to be a hit!


Trends may come and go but classics are forever. A gift is an investment and jewellery especially so. Some classic not only stay in style forever but also go up in value as they age. Vintage jewellery, diamond pieces, engraved gold work, platinum rings are all pieces that are good examples of classics that will go up in value over the years. It’s only sound to invest in them.


Buying jewellery is not cheap and you need to do thorough research with regards to what you are buying, whom you are buying it from and whether it’s the real deal. Buy from reputed jewellers to avoid getting duped. Speak to family and friends you know about this topic or simply do a search online. It is always advisable to buy jewellery from a reputed and certified brand, they have years of experience and their staff is well educated, which can be very beneficial while purchasing jewellery. Don’t shy away from asking questions. Here’s a list of questions you should ask when buying your jewellery.


Put the jewellery you are buying through some simple tests to know that you are buying the real deal and get the value for your buck. Brush the piece over your stockings, clothing or skin and see whether the piece scrapes your skin or tears the stocking; if it doesn’t it’s a sign of good craftsmanship. Another test is to starch gently over the jewellery with your nails if the jewellery starts peeling, it means it is an imitation piece. Which means it isn’t precious metal and is simply just paint over cheap metal. And the last is, try to lift the prongs that are holding the stud in place, if it can be lifted, chances are the stud will come off over time and will leave the jewellery worthless.


Always buy pieces that come with a warranty or have a money back policy. This way if there are any wear and tears you can take it back to the store to get it fixed. Money back policy always comes in handy in case you change your mind. This will definitely help with the peace of mind and help reverse any impulse purchases, which are common during the festive season.

These are the 7 cardinal rules when it comes to buying jewellery. Keep these in mind when purchasing jewellery. Always test the market, go to a couple of shops to know the price ranges out there and then make an informed purchase.

Another trend that is worth mentioning is that of hand-made jewellery. You can either purchase it from artisanal shops. Or DIY it! There are plenty of stores you can source the raw materials from and follow some simple tutorials online to create pieces that are one-of-a-kind. It is pretty easy to make bracelets, greenstone pendants, dream catcher earrings, etc. These pieces are easy on the pocket. And your loved one will appreciate all the efforts you put into making the gift for them.

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