5 Tips For Choosing The Best Wedding Suit

What’s the first thought when you think about a wedding? Maybe flowers come to your mind, or all the dancing and food and drinks afterwards. Another one of your main thoughts will most likely be the bride, dressed up in her gorgeous wedding dress. That white dress is utterly iconic, and represents the time, effort and emotions that go into choosing a dress for the big day.

But a wedding dress isn’t the only big clothing item in a wedding. Wedding dresses are meant to wow and awe, but as a groom, you should also get to shine on your day, looking not only well groomed, but also sharp in a well fitting groom’s wedding suit.

Many men need a lot of help when it comes to choosing a wedding suit, not just because of an inability to find something fashionable, but because finding something that suits their body and their own personal style, along with matching the colours and the tone of the wedding, can be difficult. If you’re in this position and finding the right suit within your price range sounds more difficult than you’d like, read these 5 tips for choosing the best wedding suit before you head out looking.

  1. Find the fit that fits you

Finding the right fit is a timeless tip that absolutely can’t be overlooked. When you’re looking at all the various groom suits for weddings, there’s typically three fits that stand out: regular, slim and tailored.

  • Slim fitting suits are as they sound, but don’t necessarily mean you need to be slim to wear them! Slim fit simply means that it’s fitted well to your body, with tapering in all the right places, and possibly a slightly longer jacket or coat to elongate your frame. Slim fit ties, also known as skinny ties, are also quite common with this type of suit. Use a skinny tie guide to help you find the right kind for your suit.
  • Regular suits will allow for a little bit more breathing room, and also allow you to get your dance on later in the night. They may be wider across your shoulders and a slightly wider pant leg as well. They’re also one of the more common suits, despite slim and tailored gaining popularity.
  • Tailored suits will fit your torso well, with a slightly tighter waist and broader shoulders. The cut around the shoulders will sit right at the shoulders instead of going past them slightly, like the regular fit. Take a look at this site for some pictures to help you decide.
  1. Go bold, and find the pattern that works for you

If your wedding allows for it, consider being a bit more bold than you might think a wedding suit “ought” to be. Break away from the classic white, black and gray, and consider a patterned look instead. Some of the up and coming patterns to think about would be birds eye, or houndstooth.

  1. Remember the season

This tip is something a lot of men don’t think about when choosing their suit. If you’ll be having an outdoor wedding in the middle of summer during the highest heat of the day, get something breathable if possible, for goodness sake. One really classic summer look is a linen cloth suit, which takes a more casual approach to a suit, but is light and fun, and looks lovely with a barn or outdoor wedding. Another newer option is a chambray suit, which takes the best of cotton and denim for a super lightweight but still smart look. You can find other suit fabric options, here.  

A lightweight colour is also important for an extremely warm wedding. If you can go with a linen suit, the classic beige or tan is always a nice choice. Other light colours, like a light blue or even a hint of purple, looks lovely with a more vintage style wedding.

  1. Accessorise

If you aren’t able to take too many risks in your suit itself, accessorising is your time to shine. Insert some of your personality in a few subtle ways, like by wearing silly socks of your choice, or in your pocket square or tie. Personalised cuff links or suspenders are another fun option to add some style and flair. Remember too that this is your chance to add some patterns and colours to your look.

  1. Buy, don’t hire

A good looking suit that fits well and you feel confident in is worth more than just wearing once. The problem with many wedding suits is that they’re quite formal, and don’t really switch over into workwear very easily. But, if your soon to be spouse is flexible and the wedding style and colours allow for it, you should be able to buy a suit that you’ll be able to wear for years to come.

Buying simply makes more sense than hiring as well, as long as it’s something that you love. Especially if you’ll be getting the suit tailor made for you, you should make sure the suit is something that won’t sit in your closet over the years.

The one exception to this is if your wedding look is extremely formal, and you’re requiring your guests who are men to rent a tuxedo. In this case, like a black tie wedding, or even more formal, a white tie dress code, you’ll also need to wear a tuxedo. If you need some help deciphering these dress codes, take a look at this article. Unless you plan on using a tux regularly, which most men aren’t, you’ll save more money by going with a wedding tux rental yourself.

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas for your wedding suit that goes well beyond the classic tuxedo or the blue suit with a simple tie. While these looks will always remain timeless and elegant, never be afraid to branch out and try something new. This is your day too, and being confident and comfortable will help you enjoy and celebrate a beautiful future with a wonderful spouse.

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