21st Century Gift Ideas

Buying the perfect gift for the special people in your life can seem a bit of a challenge. They are truly special that you want to present the most memorable gift to them. In most cases when it’s time to start making your gift list, the brainstorming takes longer than expected and you end up going for something outdated. However, its little and considerable gifts that make our loved ones truly appreciative. Whether you’re planning a gift for a friend, family member or significant other, here are unique gift ideas that will enable you to create the most unusual yet thoughtful gift for every special occasion. 


The instant pot is becoming more popular in various kitchen households. This advanced pot has improved wifi features that enable you to control your instant pot, monitor the progress of your meals and get updated on their mobile app while you engage in other home activities. This instant pot has 8-in-1 set meaning you can make a wide variety of meals in your instant pot with a faster cooking rate of 70%. This is a suitable gift idea for people with fast-paced lives who still want to prepare home-cooked meals with less hassle.


A tile Bluetooth tracker is a suitable gift idea for anyone who always loses things like keys or purse. If you know someone who falls under the same category, a tile Bluetooth tracker could be what they need. All you have to do is attach the tile to any item that is always going missing and connect it to the tile app through your smartphone. The app contains tile ringing features that notify you of the location of the item or you can locate it on a map. They come in different shapes such as a small sticker, or a key chain. Even in cases where your phone goes missing, you can double press the tile and it will make your phone ring even when powered off.


This advanced tech opens more possibilities, providing the means for enhancing your photos on the go. The polaroid mobile printer prints photos directly from a smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth and functions with the use of premium zink papers so the ink is not required. The printed photos are waterproof, tear-proof and possess a sticky peel-back that enables you to paste your photos wherever you like. This modern gift idea can serve as a thoughtful gift to old friends that will bring lasting memories. It is compact and light so it can be taken anywhere.


There’s hardly anyone that will pass up on a good treasure hunt. But it can get confusing when it comes to organising and making it memorable for someone. With proper planning and strategic moves, you can design your own treasure hunt with all the hidden clues. One concept you can implement is sealing every clue in simple transparent bottles assembled in small boxes. To incentivise your intended gift friend, ensure every box contains a badge as well as the next clue. Once they provide a solution to the final clue, they will find the gifts comprising 21st keys for boys, a pocket watch, chocolates or even a voucher to their favourite ethical clothing brand as a winning treat.


Video doorbells will make for one of the best NZ souvenirs for anyone who is security conscious and wants to monitor their property. Many homeowners have replaced standard doorbells with this camera. It enables you to get a perfect view of what’s taking place outside and within your front door. This video doorbell operates by showing a live feed of the camera on the smartphone app and will notify you each time motion is detected near your camera. There is also two-way audio that enables you to communicate with anyone who approaches your front door.


If you have a loved one who is a coffee or tea lover, then a self-warming ceramic mug could be the perfect gift. There is nothing enjoyable about drinking a lukewarm coffee and this unique type of mug can help. This self-warming mug can preserve liquids at a specific temperature for up to an hour. In addition, you can control the performance of the mug from an app via your smartphone. All you have to do is download and install the app, set your preferred temperature and preserve your coffee or tea. This is truly something that will be helpful if you have a busy schedule and will like to keep your coffee warm during work hours.


With the use of a fitness tracker, you can monitor your sleep, a number of steps, exercise and more. It is equipped with water-proof features so you can use it while swimming too. You can connect it to your smartphone and discover countless tracking options including calorie count and heart rate. Special ones that are fitness enthusiasts will find such a gift truly useful. There are many options that expose you to better lifestyles while going on with daily activities and searching for e-bikes for sale.


Have a friend that travels a lot? You can decide to get them packing bags that will make their travelling a lot easier.  There are different sets that make organising more fun. The set comes with 1 small, 2 medium and 2 large bags that can easily accommodate shoes, long sleeve shirts for women, pants and other accessories. These luggage organisers are gifts that will create a lasting good impression with your special ones. 


Photo frames are suitable gift ideas for friends and family especially when they contain your best memories. This gold flip frame features plastic rings with metal frames supported by a wooden standing frame. With proper maintenance, it will serve as a means to reflect on past events with friends and family. You can hang it on the wall to complement a ceramic bird wall decor. It will also look great on a desk or mantle. 

Any of the above gifts are sure to please a 21st Century man or woman! 

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