12 Mistakes Men Make With Their Office Style

Gone are the days when a suit and tie was all that was required for the office. These days men have a lot more choice and variation than ever before, so it can be easy to make style mistakes. Let’s take a look at some of the key aspects to avoid and how to fix these mistakes.

1. Shirts

When picking a shirt for the office, try to avoid denim. Although some denim can be very smart, you need to steer clear from casual looking denim. If you want to smarten a more casual shirt for the office, you could accessorise it with a handcrafted jewelry piece or a designer watch such as a Guess men’s watch. Finally, when considering a shirt, pay particular attention to the fit, ensuring it is not oversized as this can give you a scruffy look. Likewise, if you wear a shirt that is too small, the front buttons will open, equally creating an unattractive look.

2. Beach Wear

Even on the hottest of days, turning up to work in shorts and a sport shirt design t shirt and a retro pair of flip flops is not suitable. On particularly hot days, think about the colours and materials that you decide to wear. Light cotton materials will keep you cool but still offer a smart look. Polo shirts should be worn instead of t shirts. Also, when it comes to footwear, wear canvas or espadrilles which will keep your feet cool but you will still look smart.

3. Suits and Sports Bags

If you have opted to get rid of your briefcase and opt for a backpack, then you must make sure that it works with your suit. Having a sport or hiking styled backpack with a well-tailored suit may look out of place. To be able to have a backpack option, try looking at the material of the backpack and how it has been tailored. Choose colours such as black, blue and brown, ensuring that there is enough space to hold a laptop and an extra layer for files and documents etc..

4. Bad Shoes

The shoes that you choose to wear should be at the same level as the rest of your outfit. If you are wearing a smart pair of work shoes, these should be clean and polished and scuff free. The way to ensure that your shoes remain clean and tidy is by using a high-quality polish and using suede or leather protectors to avoid moisture marks.

5. Athleisure

When it comes to work attire, the temptation is to focus on comfort rather than what’s appropriate. Although black work shoes are becoming a thing of the past, this doesn’t suggest that you can turn up to work in a fluorescent pair of running shoes. Make sure that your athleisure stays as leisure or sportswear. It doesn’t really have a place in the corporate world, not even on dress down days. That said, if the athleisure look is an avenue you wish to explore, try to make sure that your running shoes are leather or suede in style. Avoid bright logos and try to stick to fitted, good quality material when it comes to your clothes.

6. Tie Length

Ties are very easy to get wrong because they need to be the right length and style to complement your work attire. If you work in a corporate office, opt for simple, one colour designs which don’t clash with your other clothing. Also, make sure that the tie doesn’t reach your trousers buckle.

7. Vests

On those more casual days, you may abandon your tie and have a top button open. If you happen to be wearing a vest or undershirt, then it’s crucial that this cannot be seen. Consider the shape and cut of your vest/undershirt (v- neck is probably a better option). Finally, wear heather grey instead of white as heather grey will camouflage better.

8. Buttons

When you wear a blazer, you also need to think about which buttons you will fasten. The general rule is to avoid fastening the bottom button and instead, fasten the top one or two buttons. The reason for this is because you may ruin the fit of the suit by keeping it buttoned all the way all the time.

9. Creased Clothing
Some casual items could have been purchased already looking creased, as this is the style of the garment. You cannot wear this kind of clothing in an office as it’s simply not an option. Make sure any clothing that you wear is ironed.

10. Socks

Work socks are very easy to get right. Avoid brightly coloured socks and white is definitely a no-no. When you sit or walk, bear in mind the colour of your socks will show. Therefore, black and grey cotton socks will complete your look nicely.

11. Trousers Length

Make sure your trousers are not too long. They need to fall around your ankle so that they sit on top of your shoes. If they are longer, you will not look professional and have the look of a school boy. If necessary, have your trousers hemmed.

12. Shoulders

Gone are the 80’s with oversized shoulders! The shoulders on your outfit need to be nicely fitted. If you have wide shoulders, you need to make sure that you don’t look too wide. Opt for a fitted shirt which accentuates your shoulders but doesn’t widen them too much. Likewise, if you have narrow shoulders, don’t be tempted to buy oversized clothing to give off the appearance that you look bigger, as you will end up looking like you are wearing something that you need to grow into.


One of the mistakes that can easily be made is not having a presentable and clean outfit. Make sure all clothes are clean, tidy and well ironed. Additionally, make sure that you yourself are also clean, tidy and well groomed! If you have facial hair, keep it under control. Your hair also needs to be neat and well presented.

It’s easy to see how mistakes in the office can be made. By following our advice, you can ensure that you avoid these mistakes and look tip-top at work every day.

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